Allegri: “Football is not foil, we need a different attitude”

“Football is not foil, you need a different attitude. When we had a point in the standings we fought on every tackle. We have to go back to doing the same things, rediscover the desire to fight and the pride to recover.”

“We need silence, work and the desire to fight. As a mid-table team, because this is what we are now. We must be realistic”, is the comment of the Juventus coach Allegri after the second consecutive defeat, the 2-1 remedied in Verona, to the microphones by Dazn. And on Sky adds to the dose: “Then in a few months, if playing in a certain way we will be in a different position, we will raise our heads. At this moment we must have patience and above all the shame of having these points in the standings“.

mid-table team

“If there was a confrontation? Words are useless. There is work to be done, there is a bad situation in the standings. Only 15 points. And we need to take responsibility. We must accept the reality: we are a half team With a different spirit, by winning more tackles, we will get out of it. The qualities are there. That’s how it went throughout the first half. We’ll get out in some way. ” The recent past has something to teach: “When we had a point we played games from a point in the standings, now with 15 you have to do the same. Things don’t always go as you think, but you have to be realistic, accept the situation and get out of it”.

Different attitude

“We knew we were facing a physical team. If you can’t play, you don’t play. You have to get on that level. Physically, run, chase. Then the game goes on and the technical qualities come out. But it’s not that if we have the shirt of Juve we have to beat the mid-table teams. We need to earn it. And with a different attitude. By struggling. This is football: it’s not foil, with the utmost respect. You have to put yourself at their level. We also lost against Sassuolo. Many duels. And Sassuolo is not a physical team. Fouls made? They made many more. They played their game. As a team that knew that to beat Juve they had to do this. We thought we were better. Now not. We are. Fortunately, on Tuesday we have an important game to go through. We don’t need to cry on ourselves.


“I don’t think there isn’t a great team without the respect of the opponent. All those who have won hardly have played sufficiently. I’m not saying that Juve did it, but they lacked the desire to fight, football is made up of you have contrasts especially in matches like those with Verona. I have already talked too much, you have to be quiet, in silence and work. And to win, which is the most important thing. “
“How much time do Juve have? – Allegri concludes -. Today’s step is almost final for the championship. Let’s think about the Champions League, then Fiorentina. We need to be lucid, analyze what is going and not going. There are those who are more tired. . We need to do our best, help the team to win. The team that had obtained the 4 victories played with a different attitude. We have to change.

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Allegri: “Football is not foil, we need a different attitude”

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