Annual Rugby Grand Final: the kettle goes red hot

Regardless of this afternoon’s result, the 2021 season will be remembered as the one in which Natación and Tucumán Rugby crossed paths in three consecutive finals. The “Whites” won the first round (the Apertura), the “Verdinegros” the second (the Clausura), but it will be whoever prevails this afternoon who will win the biggest prize: the annual champion. Although it is a transitional season and return to the game after the 2020 stop (in 2022 it will return to the Regional format), the value is the same. If Swimming wins, it will celebrate its ninth “great” -between Tucuman and Regional Annuals-; if Tucumán Rugby does, he will wear his crown number 22, cutting the distance that Universitario takes him, the NOA King of Cups (24).

Unlike the previous two finals, this one will be played in a neutral venue: the Lawn Tennis court. It will start an hour later than usual (at 18) and will have as referee David Costilla. As a preliminary, the title of Intermediate between Natación and Los Tarcos will be put into play, from 15.30 and with Iñaki Barraguirre as a referee. Both can be seen live by streaming Try TV Tucumán, on YouTube.

Emotions and formations

The strong emotional charge that surrounds the finals – just like the classics – is a factor that makes them more difficult to predict than a match in any other instance. However, and although no one likes to carry the extra weight of being considered a favorite, Tucumán Rugby cannot ignore him: a quick review of recent events shows a clear evolution in his game and in his results, while Swimming everything was uphill since that glorious afternoon in which they won the Apertura. The losses due to migration that he suffered since then (significant in number and in names), added to some injuries, had a notable impact on his performance. In fact, he was about to fall in the semifinals against the Cardinals, but he managed to turn it around at the end. Even so, the memory of the Clausura final remains fresh, in which the “Verdinegro” took revenge with a total rugby show. The great work of its forwards is complemented by the troop of planes that make up its three-quarter line and that attack from all sides.

However, at the Yerba Buena club they are very clear that they cannot be trusted. First, because a bad afternoon is enough for everything to collapse, and second, because Natación is not only a tough opponent from the physical point of view: it is also mentally very strong, and that virtue weighs heavily in “hot” matches. If he is allowed to take control of the game, there is no defense that can contain him.

“We are going to try to continue along the line that we have been working on in the last games. Starting with the aggressiveness in defense and then doing what we like the most, playing a dynamic game, the court very wide and varying the game “, he announced Evaristo Paz, which will relieve as fullback of the “Verdinegro” Gonzalo Albornoz (injured).

“We know each other a lot. We know what they play and they know what we play. It will be a matter of not letting them raise their game, as they did last time. I believe that the party will happen more than anything by the emotional thing ”, anticipated Matías Orlande, swimming captain.

By streaming, TV and radio
The Primera final (as well as the Intermedia final) can be seen live on Try TV Tucumán’s YouTube streaming. In addition, the Primera final will be seen on DirecTV Sports. On the radio, it can be heard on Rugby Tucumano (101.1) and Scrum 5 Tucumán (106.9).

From 18

SWIMMING: Rubén Ricco, Matías Orlande and Ramón Sánchez; Mariano Perondi and Patricio Bonilla; Tomás Juárez, Matías López and Guillermo Villagra; Agustín Ramasco and Santiago Rodríguez; César Rivadeneira, Salustiano Vergara, Gonzalo Terraf and Lucas Escobedo; Matías Bascary. Coaches: Pablo Bascary and Diego Vidal.

TUCUMÁN RUGBY: Francisco Caram, Bernardo D’Antuene and Martín Hernández; Ignacio Pascal and Francisco Cáceres; Máximo Zerda, Lucas Santamarina and Santiago Aguilar; Miguel Barrera and Jorge Domínguez; Santiago Paz Posse, Augusto López Salas, Matías Frías Silva and Matías Sauze; Evaristo Paz. Coach: José Macome.

Referee: David Costilla. Basketball court: Lawn Tennis.

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Annual Rugby Grand Final: the kettle goes red hot

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