Arizona continues to fly, Detroit nailed to zero

The Cardinals also win against Cleveland by dominating the match. In Jacksonville the smile returns after twenty consecutive stops: Miami beaten in London

Arizona remains unbeaten, Detroit the only team without success. Because Jacksonville defeats the “curse” in London by folding Miami in a sprint. This is the showcase of the sixth NFL day that will be completed by the Monday Night Tennessee-Buffalo.

Jacksonville-Miami 23-20

The Jaguars can sigh with relief: they finally win after 20 losses in a row. In London, “their home” where they played 8 times, most of all: 4-4 record. This time they were on stage in the Tottenham stadium, against another “sick” team, the Dolphins, who have now lost 5 games in a row. The Florida derby is decided at the photo finish: football from Wright’s 53 yards at the end. First success among professionals for Lawrence and first for Coach Meyer as an NFL coach. Miami had dominated the first half, closing it ahead only 13-10, in the final Coach Flores played a 4th & 1 in the middle of the field: not converted. The gamble did not pay off, just as the discreet return of Tagovailoa was not enough.

Cleveland-Arizona 14-37

Arizona remains undefeated. He wins, indeed he dominates in Cleveland: the pass rush martyrs Mayfield, forcing two fumbles and an interception: Golden becomes a bogeyman. The Browns, already without the two starting tackles and the best running back, Chubb, also lose Hunt through injury. Racing team: the house of cards collapses. The Cards were without Coach Kingsbury, positive in the Covid test, for them only one flaw: they allow the passage of Mayfield’s Ave Maria to Peoples-Jones at the end of the first half. Very little else.

Baltimore-Los Angeles Chargers 34-6

It was a 4-1 record match between teams. The Ravens overwhelm her. They run for 187 yards and keep opponents 26 yards on the ground. The Chargers from the beginning of the season have in the crazy calls of Staley the most formidable opponent for their attack: the freshman coach must be adjusted.

New England-Dallas 29-35 d.t.s.

Are the Boys big again? They win in extra time in Foxboro, even if they risk big: Zuerlein saves them by hitting the posts from 49 yards to 20 “from the end, after Wilson’s dive on the 4th & 4th of desperation. Before that, everything had happened: the usual pick 6 Diggs to Jones seemed to have won the game for the Texans, but the freshman quarterback’s next pitch was for 76 yards and Bourne’s try, converted by 2 points by Meyers. In overtime then the Pats’ attack popped and Prescott found Lamb for the 35-yard combination worth Cawboys success, fifth in a row Pats 2-4: tough season to straighten out.

The other matches

Kansas City returns to success, 31-13 in Washington: Mahomes intercepted twice, 8 in six days, compared to 6 overall last season, but launches for 397 yards and two tries: this time enough and advances. Indianapolis demolishes Houston 31-3: Hilton sees herself again, Taylor rages. Thrilling game in Charlotte: Minnesota folds 34-28 Carolina in extra time: Joseph from 47 yards misses the kick of victory for the Vikings at the end of regulation, but then Cousins ​​fishes Osborn in the end zone for the decisive touchdown. Los Angeles Rams have fun at the New York Giants’ house: 38-11, Stafford and Kupp enjoy it. Cincinnati rules Detroit 34-11, Las Vegas wins the first game after Coach Gruden’s resignation, passing 34-24 in Denver. Green Bay wins the fifth game in a row, 24-14 in Chicago: in 27 direct clashes Rodgers has beaten the Bears 22 times. On Sunday Night, Pittsburgh won 23-20 over Seattle, orphan of the injured Wilson. He decides a Smith fumble forced by Watt in extra time, then Boswell then hits the posts from 27 yards.

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Arizona continues to fly, Detroit nailed to zero

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