He lied about the vaccine. The NFL fines Aaron Rodgers and his Packers

He lied about the vaccine The NFL fines Aaron Rodgers

“I’m immunized,” said the MVP of last season at the beginning of the season. Instead he had not been vaccinated, but only underwent a homeopathic treatment. And the controversy rages in the US Finally the NFL has woken up. Out of its hibernation, perhaps due to public protests on the deafening silence of commissioner Roger … Read more

Advance with surprise: Baltimore collapses with the Dolphins

On Thursday Night of the tenth day the Ravens lose in Miami. Newton returns to the Panthers, Beckham to the Rams By dint of playing with fire, you end up getting burned. The Ravens demonstrate this on Thursday Night which opens the tenth day of the NFL, surprisingly losing 10-22 in Miami. After having straightened … Read more

Under the snow Green Bay returns to win. Tampa Bay and Arizona, the fall of the big names

Under the snow Green Bay returns to win Tampa Bay

Seattle knocked out at Lambeau Field, Tennessee even surpasses New Orleans. On Monday Night there is San Francisco-Los Angeles Rams Riccardo Pratesi @rprat75 November 15 – Milano Rodgers returns, and Green Bay returns to win, under the snow. Tampa and Arizona collapse in a thunderous way, Tennessee quietly continues to make the pitch talk. These … Read more

Pats masters in Buffalo: the New England wind blows on the NFL

Pats masters in Buffalo the New England wind blows on

Great victory, the seventh in a row, at the home of the Bills with gusts at 70 per hour. Fifth consecutive success for Kansas City in an Afc struggling to find the big favorite. Bucs: Brady’s star never sets. Lamar Jackson, what a stretch: the Ravens fall in Pittsburgh. The Cardinals overwhelm Chicago Massimo Oriani … Read more

A super Rodgers is not enough: Minnesota beats Green Bay. Kansas City is flying again

A super Rodgers is not enough Minnesota beats Green Bay

Another round full of surprises: Dallas, Tennessee and Buffalo fall. Arizona is confirmed as the best team in the League. On Monday Night Tampa Bay against the New York Giants Arizona with confirmation, Kansas City with proof, Minnesota with pride proof. Three teams, these, impress on the eleventh Sunday NFL, the day will close with … Read more

Brady and the Buccaneers straighten the vessel. Quietly the Patriots are back …

Brady and the Buccaneers straighten the vessel Quietly the Patriots

Tampa dominates (30-10) the Monday Night with the Giants. In a season without bosses, New England with the 5 consecutive victories comes back to high levels. But guessing who will go to the Super Bowl this year is a real lottery game Massimo Oriani @massimooriani 23 november – Milano After what happened on Sunday, it … Read more

Pride of the Steelers knocks out the Ravens. Detroit wins again after a year

Pride of the Steelers knocks out the Ravens Detroit wins

Baltimore falls in Pittsburgh and risks losing the top of the AFC. The Lions with a touchdown at the end fold Minnesota and conquer the first success since last December. Brady and Tampa dominate in Atlanta The pride of the Steelers, the class of Brady, the strength of Lions despair. These are the excellences of … Read more

Raiders, Bears and Bills: a special Thanksgiving

Raiders Bears and Bills a special Thanksgiving

Las Vegas crushes Arlington in extra time and relaunches his playoff run. Chicago passes to Detroit, while Buffalo dominates in New Orleans and in the next round the Division primacy will be played with the Patriots The Raiders with the company, the Bears with the pride, the Bills with the show of strength. These are … Read more

Tampa ok with Fournette, Rodgers drags Green Bay even when injured

Tampa ok with Fournette Rodgers drags Green Bay even when

The Patriots also did well, with their sixth victory in a row: now, with 8-4 records, they see the playoffs getting closer and closer Tampa returns to win away from home, the defense of the Patriots returns to scare, Rodgers drags Green Bay even when injured. These are the titles of the twelfth Sunday NFL, … Read more

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