Daniel Craig declares: “Why should James Bond be a woman?”

Since before the departure of Daniel Craig What James Bond in the 007 franchise, the audience has raised the question: who will be his successor? And in an era where diversity is at the center, the possibility has arisen that the future Bond be interpreted by a woman as Gillian Anderson What “Jane Bond”. And while some support these notions, others are against it, claiming that the character is male and turning him into a female would not be faithful to this. Now, Daniel Craig himself has spoken out about it.

¿Jane Bond?

In an interview with Radio Times, Craig He mentioned: “The answer is very simple. There should be better roles for women and actors of color. Why should a woman play James Bond when there should be such a good role as James Bond but for a woman? A different opinion than Pierce Brosnan shared.

Some might not like the actor’s response, but the man has a key point: it is important to develop characters that can be iconic and that can be women. Just recently Mary Elizabeth Winstead She took on a role similar to John Wick, as a weapons and combat expert who begins a path of revenge on film. Kate. There was no need to transform to Wick, or introduce an already known character. A strong new role was created for a woman.

In comics, and now in film adaptations, the concept of different universes has allowed us to present alternate versions of the characters, being able to change genres and personalities in a simple way, taking several stories. On Loki We saw the construction of a female version of Loki, but completely separated from the main one that has an “original” base.

In the case of Doctor Who, where Jodie Whittaker he took a role that was 50 years old as a man, he justified himself with the character’s alien race, which allows that in each “regeneration” they can be a man or a woman. On the other hand, the fact that in English the term “Doctor“Don’t have gender, it gives more freedom to this.

In the case of James Bond everything seems really complex. The franchise has already taken a step by taking more liberties with agent number 007, as the new film No Time To Die will show, in which Lashana Lynch will take that number. And although they could do more to create characters close to him, the owners of the character – the Broccoli family – have highlighted their commitment to keeping the character in its purest possible form, including keeping him away from television and avoiding productions that link to him. . This makes it more difficult for alternate versions to exist and for there to be a stronger attachment to James Bond.

“He is a male character,” said the producer. Barbara Broccoli to The Guardian. “It was written as a man and I think it will probably stay as a man. And that’s okay. We don’t have to turn male characters into female characters. We have to create more female characters and make the story fit those characters ”, being a message similar to that given by Craig. The case of Lashana Lynch is one of them, or at least we will have to see it until the film is released.

Although the probability that there is a Bond Feminine for now seems not to be at the table, a colored man could still take the mantle, since the character is described as a British man. One solution might be to take the theory that James Bond is a code name, however not many support this and see the various actors as multiple iterations of the same character.

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Daniel Craig declares: “Why should James Bond be a woman?”