FIFA 22: The best strikers for less than 100,000 FUT Coins

FIFA Ultimate Team buying advice, with a roster of AT, ATT and potentially even COCs to fish from at very low prices.

Scoring is more difficult in FIFA 22 compared to previous seasons, so it’s important to have someone who knows how to take advantage of all the opportunities ahead. Thankfully, the transfer market is showing low values ​​this year and there are some fantastic strikers still available for figures that pretty much every player on FIFA Ultimate Team (or FUT) should be able to put together soon. Here are our favorites after a couple of months of playing. Prices on the list are accurate as of November 1st and the good news is that they could go down further in the future.

Roberto Firmino (Gold fit, AT, 5 * skill, 4 * weak foot) – 70,000 FUT Credits –

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp often points out Firmino’s contribution to the team, even when he’s not scoring. This year, his FUT card is a good representation of that: operating as a fake 9, COC or even as a central midfielder, Bobby regains the ball, serves assists and has no problem bagging himself. With his high levels of work, he is never far from the game and always has enough stamina to make it through the full 90 minutes of play. It is not perfect for leading the line and scoring in bursts, but it lends class to any other role you want to place it, with excellent chemistry. with Brazilians and Premier League playersas well as five-star skills.

Marko Arnautovic (Rulebreakers, ATT, 4 * / 4 *) – 35.000 Credits FUT in FIFA 22 –

Former Stoke City, Arnautovic returned to European football after a spell in China, marrying Bologna in Serie A. This Rulebreakers card has great timing and reminds us of the monstrous abilities that lie behind a fickle temperament. The Austrian is difficult to connect with other players for those who are not making a Serie A team, but the Italian league has so much value that it is likely that many are setting up one. On the pitch, the results speak for themselves: with the Hunter style, Arnautovic has almost maximum stats for speed and shooting, not to mention basic dribbling and an excellent physique. And with the height he has, he can dominate even on corner kicks.

Karim Benzema (Rare Gold, AT, 4 * / 4 *) – 27,000 FUT Credits –

Karim Benzema said we would see his qualities once his role at Real Madrid went from assistant to Cristiano Ronaldo to true center forward, and in fact since CR7 changed his shirt the Frenchman has placed 20+ goals per season in La Liga. FIFA 22 further enhances its qualities: even if you missed the SBC card as Player of the Month, its Rare Gold base card is available at very low prices and can do just about anything. Tall and powerful with an incredible shot, he’ll have you traveling for quite a while (and, when you have enough credits, Alexander Isak on Road to the Knockouts is a great upgrade for 113,000 FUT credits, with a weak foot at 5 stars, though its price could fluctuate according to the yield of Real Sociedad in the Europa League).

Jonathan David (Gold fit, ATK, 3 * / 5 *) – 17,000 FUT Credits –

The Canadian Ligue 1 forward is one of those players you end up drawing as the best of the worst that can happen to you in FUT Champions. Only then you find out it’s a great card. This year a 5 star weak foot is super important and David combines that with good top speed using the right understanding style, which makes him perfect for both right and left breakaway goals. Three-star skills may be a limit, but one that can be bypassed and his Canadian nationality makes him connectable to Bayern Munich’s Alphonso Davies. If the Bundesliga star were to receive any upgrades this year, and he certainly will, David’s price could go up just as a good player who is easy to link to other forts.

Erling Haaland (Rare Gold, ATK, 3 * / 3 *) – 20,000 FUT Coins in FIFA 22 –

Haaland is one of the best footballers of the moment but it’s not worth that much on FIFA 22 for a couple of reasons: he has three-star skills and a weak three-star foot. This can be worked around, and because the Norwegian forward has enough strength, speed and shooting skills to knock down any defense, and of course it’s great to link to the already many excellent Bundesliga cards in the game. Its price will fluctuate over time, so by the time you’re ready to buy a superior card, you may even be able to resell it for good profits.

Ivan Toney (Gold fit, ATK, 3 * / 3 *) – 18,000 FUT Credits –

Ivan Toney’s First Team of the Week Gold card might look like that of an average Premier League striker, but listen to us. AND the perfect fallback for your team as you acquire more FUT Coins. First, he does his homework, scoring if he’s served the ball in the right position and sporting decent enough dribbling to keep the ball for an attacking partner. But its rarity as a TOTW1 player is what it really pays off: it may cost less than 20,000 FUT credits today but when EA starts asking for more TOTW players in Squad Building Challenges, it will probably be completely extinct, allowing you to double your money. from his sale.

Josip Ilicic (Oro in forma, AT, 5*/4*) – 16.000 —

The first stat that all FIFA 22 players look at first is speed, because it’s a universally recognized truth that the evolving FUT meta always tends to reward speed, in all positions. But developing the game in other ways can be enormously rewarding, and Josip Ilicic’s Gold Card in the form of Team of the Week 5 is the perfect card to do so. The Atalanta star has good connections to all the other excellent cards from Serie A, has 5-star skills and a 4-star weak foot. Plus, it offers an impressive balance of shooting, passing and dribbling. A bit like Bobby Firmino, Ilicic is highly versatile: With a Sniper style understanding such as COC or false 9, it becomes almost unplayable for the heavier central defensive players.

Paulo Dybala (Rare Gold, AT, 4 * / 3 *) – 14,000 FUT Coins in FIFA 22 –

Another absurdly good card Serie A that costs just a few peanuts in FIFA 22: Paulo Dybala Oro rare can play in any position of the attack. Deploying him as a right winger, he can cut inside and place the ball on the far post thanks to the Precision Shot characteristic. In the middle as COC, AT or Falso 9, he slips into impossible spaces with his excellent dribbling. Empowered with the right understanding style, he can score as a first or second striker. The Argentine is undoubtedly destined to have several special cards in this cycle on FUT, but don’t miss the chance to have that base in the meantime.

Written by Tom Bramwell for GLHF

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FIFA 22: The best strikers for less than 100,000 FUT Coins

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