GF Vip, live twenty-first episode: marriage proposal for Francesca Cipriani

GF Vip, live twenty-first episode: its the news minute by minute.


11:49 PM Francesca goes into the garden and finds her Alessandro: «the shower you took bothered me a little, even though I know you did it just for me. Not seeing or hearing us was a fraud, but the love for you has increased. For me, true happiness is when you caress me, scold me when I’m wrong, the little houses that give me true happiness that is priceless. I am very much in love with you and I wanted to tell you that without you I can not be, I want to ask you if you want to grow old with me because I just want to be with you. I am happy only with you ». Francesca yells a very happy “Yes”

11.44 In the confessional Cipriani tells of her past stories: «a bad story, he put his hands on me, he blackmailed me, he came to the house, he told me not to leave me. Then he turned into a beast and because of this person my family was afraid. They were very bad moments, I even denounced him, he said he had a video of us, he robbed me, it was the worst time of my life. After it hits rock bottom like this, happiness can only come and in fact Alessandro has arrived “

23.38 For Francesca Cipriani the marriage proposal by Alessandro is coming

23.25 Bruganelli runs in defense of Solei

23.20 Amoruso in connection replies to Soleil: «I observe I decide, it is my job, I have noticed that you say things in a different way, which is fine but you need ways and means. Gianmaria said bad things, but the problem is another is that you said some very bad things, you have an incredible means, millions of guys adore you and imitate you, the message you sent is bad, but not because you have exaggerated, you have to listen, reflect and say things better. Many have misunderstood, words weigh and hurt, when it comes to humility you must also have the foresight to be, your attitudes in the thing have never been. You are young, you have a nice intelligence, but you can improve “

GF Vip: Giucas Casella confuses Maria Monsè with Adriana Volpe, she leaves the studio

23.18 Gianmaria: «I have never allowed myself, nor have I ever mentioned women’s names, I’ve made a couple of slips it’s true, but these are things that are part of my life. The social status that I gained outside was an armor for me, when I entered here I felt like a stranger “

23.17 Lorenzo Amoruso, on social media attacked Soleil accusing her of little humility

23.10 Katia: “I found that Soleil attack too violent, I also told him”. Solei apologizes: «I was misunderstood and I apologize, unfortunately I can’t stand it now. I said that the essence of a person was more important and not to mount oneself of something that is not even. The point is not where you buy something, but bragging about trying to conquer it in a material way. I work with fashion and I appreciate luxury, the problem is bragging ». Signorini: “You too Soleil show off your handbags on Instagram”

23.08 Clip on Soleil’s accusations from the episode: GF Vip, Soleil humiliates Gianmaria: “Buy gifts at the outlet and eat pasta and peas”

22.46 Maria Monsè enters the house, giucas confuses her with Adriana Volpe

22.41 Aldo Montano also arrives and Alex has some little advice: “This boy is like a porcelain vase, I entrust almost all the love I feel for Manuel to you, it enters your heart and changes your life”

GF Vip: Giucas Casella confuses Maria Monsè with Adriana Volpe, she leaves the studio

22.39 Alex and Manuel had decided that once they left GFVip every month they would choose a destination at home and travel

22.35 Manuel Bortuzzo on the catwalk, for him there is a dear friend of his Alex: «On this trip you are alone only physically but I am in your heart. I have seen that these two months have been difficult for you, I know it is not easy, remember that you came here for a purpose, this experience will make you grow, that mission you have recently put aside and it is there, outside people love you. We want to see you with a smile, do it for us, don’t give up, because the Manuel I know never gave up “

22.27 Signorini: “Manuel, when there is that chasm where you only see yourself which then becomes a scream, how do you react?” Manuel «I can feel it, but when I reach my maximum level of weakness I always find the moment to come back. I remember how lucky I am to be alive, it’s the first step, it seems obvious but it’s not “

GF Vip, Alex Belli, the news they keep “hidden” from him: Delia will enter the house on Friday.

22.23 Clip on Manuel Bortuzzo who does not share his pain with anyone “Because it’s mine only”

22.13 The first new VIP who will enter the house tonight is Maria Monsè

22.13 Signorini announces: “Delia is in quarantine, Friday enters the house”

22.05 Belli and Soleil look at each other while they bathe in the pool and laugh “It’s an exercise in trust”. Katia jokes: “I would like something like that too”

22.01 Belli: “Sonia’s words (” you’re not coming out well outside “ed.) Got inside me and I thought about it, I don’t want to have external contaminations that could lead your path astray”

21.56 The swim in the pool between Alex and Soleil caused a lot of discussion, with Belli who said “Delia I don’t want to see you, stay home!”. Let’s see the clip

21.53 Clip su Katia and Giucas

21.50 On televoting this evening: Carmen Russo, Gianmaria Antinolfi, and Soleil Sorge

21.49 Outside the red door Alessandro who this evening will deliver the engagement ring to Francesca Cipriani

21.46 “We expect 4 non-stop hours of lewdness, laughter and fun”, Signorii enters the studio

23.43 The advances by Alfonso Signorini

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For days in the Casa del Big Brother Vip there is a lot of talk about possible new entries. What is certain is that tonight to cross the red door will be Patrizia Pellegrino and Maria Monsè who thus join the group. The two new contestants “Gf Vip” need no introduction, they are two women with a strong and decisive character and two people with experience in the world of entertainment who will certainly cause a bit of confusion in the Cinecittà loft.

There will be exciting surprises: one will be starring Manuel Bortuzzo, another Francesca Cipriani who will receive the engagement ring from her beloved Alessandro. Nominated: Carmen Russo, Gianmaria Antinolfi, and Soleil Sorge. What will be the verdict of televoting?

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GF Vip, live twenty-first episode: marriage proposal for Francesca Cipriani

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