Italy chooses Sorrentino: “It was the hand of God” for the Oscar race

On February 8, the official nominations for the best foreign film. The director, who is looking for an encore after ‘The great beauty’ thanks the commission Anica. The goal is to experience the night of the Oscars on March 27th

We will have to wait until February 8 for the announcement of the nominations, but Paolo Sorrentino can rejoice once again. His film It was the hand of God will represent Italy in the selection for the best international film at the Oscars. This was established today by the selection commission set up by Anica at the request of the Academy, which reserved the famous director first place in the restricted circle of the 18 films in the running, among all those already released or expected to be released in the Italian cinemas between 1 January 2021 and 31 December.

Bis in the viewfinder?

After winning the most coveted statuette of cinema in 2014 with The great beauty therefore, Italy could once again experience the night of the Oscars to be held in Los Angeles on March 27th. The film is set in the Naples of the eighties, a period in which the life of the seventeen-year-old Fabietto Schisa is destined to change radically following two events: the arrival of Maradona in Naples and a serious accident, which will interrupt family happiness, in a dramatic and reflective atmosphere.

A dip to celebrate

There is happiness and pride in the words of Paolo Sorrentino: “I am happy that It was the hand of God has been selected to represent Italian cinema at the Oscars. I sincerely thank the Anica commission, which has chosen mine among many good films. Thanks to The Apartment, Fremantle and Netflix for supporting me. It was the hand of God it is my most important and painful film and I am happy that all this pain today has resulted in joy. Today’s is only the first step and the beauty of this race is that the only competition in the world in which to reach the top five is a victory. Long live Italian cinema. “The director then added on Instagram:” Me, the crew and the actors celebrate with a dip in the sea. Thanks”.

Naples and Campania with him

Many congratulations arrived in Sorrentino, among all those of the mayor of Naples, Gaetano Manfredi in a tweet: “Congratulations on behalf of the whole city. Absolute talent that makes us proud. Naples is with you”. Even the president of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca wanted to congratulate the director, revealing an anecdote on his Facebook page: “In July of last year, the great director Paolo Sorrentino came to visit us a few days after the shooting of his new film, in which he would have tackled the theme of homecoming, in his Naples. Today, after the success at the Venice Film Festival, another important recognition arrives for his new film. For Naples and Campania it is really a great news, which makes us really proud. A further stimulus to continue investing in cinema and culture as elements of promotion of our region “.

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Italy chooses Sorrentino: “It was the hand of God” for the Oscar race

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