Johnson, the unexpected hero. The remains of the Browns knock out the Broncos

Deprived of the starting quarterback (Mayfield) and the two best running backs (Chubb and Hunt), Cleveland rides the performance of the 25-year-old carneade. Fourth consecutive defeat for Denver

Cleveland pride keeps Denver’s free fall continuing. The Thursday Night that opens the seventh day of the NFL gives the Browns a providential success against the Broncos. In Ohio it ends 17-14. The hosts win thanks to the usual fantastic running game, despite the injury absences of the two main running backs, Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt. D’Ernest Johnson, now no longer a carneade, takes care of the showcase: he runs 146 of the 182 yards ground on the ground by coach Stefanski’s boys, he puts a side touchdown and also the games that close the game avoiding that the Broncos have even half a chance to reopen it.

Applause for the attacking line of the Browns that puts under the advertised and disappointing guest defense. After two losses in a row, Cleveland raises its head and rises to a 4-3 record, in the running for the playoffs. For the Broncos, with the fourth knockout in a row, it was late early: 3-4 in the season, earthenware pot in a tough Division, AFC West. And they lost Von Miller to an ankle injury yet to be evaluated.

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For Cleveland, winning without starting quarterback Baker Mayfield, in his first absence after 51 straight games, with Case Keenum, the modest, albeit reliable veteran, was by no means a foregone conclusion. All the more so without the top runners in a system that is based on that. The quarterback got away with it, but it was the front and back lines that made the difference. Then, of course, limiting Tedy Bridgewater isn’t exactly a titanic undertaking. And here we look at the other side of the coin. The Broncos have excellent receivers, but a mediocre quarterback. It is difficult to understand how they can go on like this thinking of not winning today or even sowing for tomorrow. Drew Lock, the reserve, has burned several chances, but at least he is young, there may be hope that he will improve and grow. Denver is still chasing Peyton Manning’s heir: it’s yet another wrong attempt to find the right man for the most important position. He’s tried Keenum in the past too, well it didn’t go well …

the match

The Browns are without the pillars of the attack, injured, yet they score immediately. With Johnson, the first as a starter and the first career touchdown. Then McLaughlin hits the posts from 52 yards. His next kick is blocked by Harris but is 10-0 Cleveland at half-time. The Denver attack is in fact not received. Just 2 first downs and 76 yards in the first half. Bridgewater unwatchable: it is even intercepted by John Johnson in the end zone of the Browns. The bad news for the Broncos piles up: Von Miller, the best defender, the quarterback catcher, comes out limping. The first drive of the second half lasts over 7 ‘and brings 7 points to Denver, with the try taken by Gordon. Cleveland responds by scoring and consuming the remainder of the 3rd quarter. The try bears the signature of fullback Stanton, primed for a receiving yard for the 17-7 after 45 ‘of football. Denver comes back down with the touchdown hold by freshman Willliams running back: 17-14 with 5 ‘on the clock. A reception from Landry, the returning veteran, closes the race along with the usual Johnson races. Cleveland gets up, Denver collapses.

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Johnson, the unexpected hero. The remains of the Browns knock out the Broncos

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