Jubilant Šilhavý: I didn’t expect such a career

“By no means did I expect such a successful career. For me, it was such a natural shift from a player to a coaching state. At Žižkov I still had a valid contract as a player and at that time I was doing a professional coaching license. In 1999 I was in the league. match tore off the Achilles tendon in Ostrava, I was offered the position of assistant coach Zdeněk Ščasný, “Šilhavý said in an interview with ČTK.

“Football is my life, so I was glad I could go on and learn the coaching trade. A coach who can do it from scratch with young people may have certain advantages, but that’s how it was for me. I thought about coaching the league, but in any case it never occurred to me that I would be sitting here today as a national team coach, “added Šilhavý, who is still a record holder in the number of league starts.

Gunner Schick is missing in the nomination, additionally Krmenčík will probably be called to Kuwait and Estonia

He started his coaching career as an assistant, besides Žižkov he held the same position in Sparta and from 2003 to 2009 with the Czech national team alongside the legendary Karel Brückner. “Leaving aside the results with the national team, with whom we were third at the Euro in 2004, but it was still in the role of assistant, I am of course the first league title with Liberec among the biggest successes. That was something no one expected. With Slavia, it was also unexpected.When we arrived, we pulled Slavia out of the second half of the table, and last but not least, the national team and advancing to the quarterfinals of this year’s Euro. level, “said Šilhavý.

To this day, he regrets that he did not advance to the Champions League group with Slavia in 2017 via APOEL Nicosia. “We were on our way and didn’t make it to the Champions League. When you see a team playing hard and failing, you have to bite and acknowledge your opponent’s strength. But sometimes you feel like it could and should have been better,” he said. Squint.

His next goal is to advance to the World Cup, where the national team has started only once in a separate history. “It’s the closest. It would be a beautiful birthday present. It would be wonderful and we will do everything we can for it. We know that the promotion key is much harder than for the European Championships. But I believe it can be done. We have to give extraordinary performances and some two or three individuals have to get out of it, “said Šilhavý, whose charges will most likely be waiting for the championship playoffs in March.

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Fifteen-year-old Sali is also in the Romanian football nomination at the end of the qualification

Although he is considered a decent coach, he is said to be able to raise his voice. “I’m often accused of being good. When it doesn’t work, sometimes people help with this label. But decency is not nonsense. When you have to raise your voice, you feel it and have to step in. I won’t change. Results and successes speak that it is not and was not a bad way, “he said.

The last time he raised his voice per player was relatively recently – before the round of 16 of the summer Euro with the Netherlands. “We were supposed to fly to Budapest for the match with the Netherlands, but the plane crashed and we returned to Strahov. I felt that the players were not concentrated, that they didn’t like it turned out like this. I felt that it was necessary to intervene. I think “It was a decent hair dryer. Maybe it worked out from the point of view of the team’s attention towards the match with the Netherlands. But again, I don’t attach such weight to it that it would be enough for us to beat the Netherlands,” said Šilhavý.

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The Czech national team is not currently among the six teams deployed in the playoffs, but there is some hope

Some national team coaches lack daily contact with the players, but Šilhavý’s work with the national team is as fulfilling as in the club. “Of course, it’s because you’re not with the team every day. The players come to you once a month, two, three, you pick them up from the club coaches and now you work with them. The trust between the implementation team and the players is all the more important. I enjoy it. It wasn’t new to me because I was there as an assistant for seven years, so I knew what it brought in. The role of national team coach is hugely prestigious and it’s the most you can achieve in this profession. the time will come, you will be at the club. Now I have a job here at the national team and we will see how long it will take, “thought Šilhavý, who took over the national team in 2018.

After all, while working for the national team, he still has more time for his loved ones. “The children are already big. My wife and I live outside of Prague, we have more time for each other. When the grandchildren come, it’s similar. I’m not saying that when there’s no national team, we have nothing to do. We watch the players on video “We go after them. Of course, we haven’t been abroad since the covid started, we had to interrupt it. There is also a lot of work outside of the meetings, but you can organize it somehow,” said Šilhavý.

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The coach of the Czech team Jaroslav Šilhavý during the match with Wales.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

His son Tomáš also trains and leads the third-league Králův Dvůr. “I’m quite surprised that he naturally got into it this way. I never thought he would go on a coaching track. He seems to enjoy it. I’m curious where he’ll go,” said Šilhavý. “They led the table for a long time, they did well. I haven’t been to his match for a long time. They complained a bit that when we were there, they lost. So I didn’t go there and surprisingly they won,” Šilhavý said with a smile. “Sometimes, of course, we talk about football, but I’m sure I would advise him. He has to decide for himself, it’s more of a discussion,” the former defender added.

His fourteen-year-old grandson, who played at Bohemians 1905 and now works in another Prague club, Tempu, also plays football. “He mostly plays in defense, extreme backbone. He’s so more subtle, physically equipped. I always tell him, ‘If you enjoy it, do it to the fullest. You’ll see what it’s enough for later.’ I don’t mean to be a league footballer now “It depends on him. Of course he has a lot of support from his parents and from us,” said Šilhavý.

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Jubilant Šilhavý: I didn’t expect such a career

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