Lamon: “Only amateur among three champions, so I turn on the blue quartet”

The first man on the dream train: “Ganna? From another planet, but if I run with him there will be a reason …”

Matteo Pierelli

If there is a member of the quartet “detached” from the others, who lives in his own dimension, this is Francesco Lamon. Because Ganna, Consonni and Milan carry out a top-level activity in World Tour teams, while “Lemon”, athlete of the Blue Flames, is the only amateur: he runs for the Continental Biesse Arvedi team. The Venetian (he was born in Mirano, province of Venice) is a pure pistard, as by now there are few left. His role is very delicate: to make the quartet take off towards glory.

Lamon, why the track, where money is scarce and the headlights come on two or three times a year?

“He has always fascinated me, since I was a child. I approached cycling thanks to my dad Giuseppe, who works at the Dolo hospital: he gave me the first bike as long as I was serious, that I raced in a ‘real’ team . At UC Mirano they welcomed me like a son, they immediately glimpsed my skills but I always had the track in mind, I felt a sort of vocation. So, at a certain point, I went to train at the open-air velodrome in Padua . My point of reference has always been Elia Viviani, as an athlete and as a person: as soon as I entered the blue circuit I was a bit in awe when I saw him, now we are great friends “.

Do you feel a bit “belittled” as the only amateur in the quartet?

“Absolutely not. In the end, if I run with three champions it means that they are more or less at their level … Of course, it is impossible to compare with someone like Ganna, I don’t even think of it remotely. But since we are part of the same one. team I will have done something good. And in any case abroad there are many figures like mine, it’s normal. I had the opportunity to go pro ‘when I was at Colpack-Ballan, but I preferred to choose the Fiamme Azzurre that I will not finish never to thank “.

Why is his role so delicate?

“The first man is the one who has to calibrate the power well, in the first meters he doesn’t have to ‘break’ the legs of his teammates. You have to think more about others than yourself: give everything without tearing. I shoot the first two laps and a quarter , about 600 meters, then I get behind and go back to the front for a few more laps.

“Before I was the last car of the train, but four years ago, since I was doing well in the kilometer from a standstill, I was tested as a divider, the role where I find myself best”.

Do you talk to each other during the race?

“No, we don’t communicate with each other. We watch the coach Marco Villa on the track showing us the time table”.

Where did he put the Tokyo medal?

“At my house, every now and then I take it and look at it, just to remember those unforgettable moments”.

Did you get any gifts after gold in Japan?

“No, I’m waiting for winter. I’m looking for a watch that reminds me of the Olympics.”

Other passions besides cycling?

“I watch a lot of movies and TV series on Netflix. And I love going out to dinner and shopping with my girlfriend Sara (who also works for a local TV station, ed)”.

Thursday at the World Championships in Roubaix you will still be the most anticipated.

“As Olympic champions, that’s right, but woe to sit on our laurels: the biggest mistake would be to underestimate the opponents, here we play everything on the edge of a thousandths”.

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Lamon: “Only amateur among three champions, so I turn on the blue quartet”

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