Lawn Tennis hit in the final, won the classic and the EL LIBERAL Daily Cup – El Liberal

23/10/2021 – 12:57 Sports

The Santiago rugby classic was Old Lions, but two minutes after closing, Álvaro Maguicha appeared in great action to dive into the ingoal, plus the conversion of Coronel, to give the Santiago Lawn Tennis the triumph yesterday from 16 to 13, and in this way get to go to the final of the Integration of Rugby and take over the El LIBERAL Daily 123rd Anniversary Cup. The decisive duel will be in two weeks against the winner of Universitario y Gimnasia y Tiro.

The game was even, with players trying to go on the attack somewhat imprecise and with friction. This produced that the two teams stayed in several passages with fewer men because they saw yellow.

He hit Old Lions first with the accurate kick of Carlos Coronel at 5 and 11 minutes.

Lawn Tennis began to play the ball more towards both sides of the lines, and this caused the local to commit too many infractions that were well taken advantage of, and also with the help of the wind came the discount at 14 minutes with a Caputo penalty and over At 22, equality came due to an exquisite drop from Mariano Coronel, who received the authorization after a ball captured in line one, to hit him with his left foot high and put the equality for the rojiblancos.

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From there, the visit managed the times better and tried to play better rugby, which caused spaces to try to unlevel once more through Caputo about 30 minutes, but the ball was barely deflected from the H. The one who was able to convert was his teammate Mariano Coronel, one of the players in the afternoon, who over 34 minutes put Lawn Tennis in front by 9 to 6 .

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As a homeowner he also had his chance to unbalance before going to the locker room, but this time the kick of “Poqui “Colonel it did not have a good direction.

In the second half, the game continued to be even and messy. Inaccuracies were a constant. Old Lions went on the attack with much more self-love than ideas, and in the 26 minutes he managed to support a try thanks to a perfect maul formation, to the delirium of his followers who witnessed the match and of the protagonists, to move on to the front by 13 to 9.

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From there until the end the game was played intensely. Old Lions could not impose their game against a Lawn Tennis that was more precise in their ideas to carry them forward on the field of play and without any pressure. It was like this that on 38 minutes, after a great attack play from fixed formations, he received the ball Maguicha, turned and faced the ingoal until diving into it. Subsequently, Coronel added two points with his kick, to seal the victory by 16 to 13. After the final exit, there was one minute left, and Old Lions attacked, but Lawn Tennis resisted firmly and made Old Lions commit an infraction, to finally celebrate with the ball sending it out of the court.

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Lawn Tennis hit in the final, won the classic and the EL LIBERAL Daily Cup – El Liberal

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