LeBron is back! And the Lakers are back to winning. Butler drags the Heat. Clips ko

And again: Toronto overtakes Orlando and Sacramento breaks through New Orleans. All the emotions of the night

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The Lakers find LeBron James after two games of absence and win their third game against the excellent Cleveland Cavaliers. Carmelo Anthony’s triples in the fourth period were decisive. Important success for the Miami Heat, who beat the Hornets at home thanks to Jimmy Butler’s 32 points. Instead, the other team from Los Angeles, the Clippers, lost in Portland despite a heroic 42-point Paul George. Finally, Toronto’s home win over Orlando and the Sacramento King’s away win in New Orleans.

Los Angeles Lakers- Cleveland Cavaliers 113-101

LeBron James returns and the Lakers (3-3) find the victory, the third of the season, in the difficult match against the Cleveland Cavaliers (3-3) at the Staples Center. A much more convincing performance than the previous ones, that of the yellow-violet, defined in a more authentic way in the defensive half, sealed by flashes of exciting basketball in attack and by a better movement of the ball (54.8% shooting). LeBron’s presence made itself felt a lot in every nuance, especially in the qualitatively lower moments of the race. James signed 26 points, shooting badly from three (1/10 with the only triple scored in the 2nd half from half court), and 8 assists in 38 ‘. Together with him, his friend Carmelo Anthony, essential to win the game, especially in the 4th period, with his 24 points and a 6/8 from the arc. Russell Westbrook also did well, less frenetic and more “focused”, with 19 points (8/13 shooting), 6 rebounds and 5 assists. The Cavs really played in a personal and credible way. They often had a substantial advantage during the race but got bogged down a few meters from the finish line. Their dynamism and the desire to go and take baskets in every possession was clearly seen and constitutes a positive point of reflection around their performance. They play with joy and have fun. And then there is rookie Evan Mobley (23 points), who alone is worth a lot in terms of pure basketball interest.

L.A. Lakers: James 26 (10/22, 1/10 of three, 5/5 tl), Anthony 24, Westbrook 19. Rebounds: Davis 9. Assists: James 8.

Cleveland: Mobley 23 (10/16, 1/2 of three, 2/5 tl), Garland 18, Rubio 18. Rebounds: Allen 9. Assists: Garland 11.

Miami Heat- Charlotte Hornets 114-99

Great home victory of the Miami Heat (4-1) against the very hot Charlotte Hornets (4-2) and a splendid game offered with a basketball rich in content by both teams, which prove to be among the most in form of the whole league. It was a special evening at the FTX Arena, not only for the match, the hosts’ 4th victory of the season, but above all for the official celebration of the gold medal won with Team Usa at the Tokyo games by Bam Adebayo. A celebratory banner was dedicated to the length of the Heat, the absolute protagonist of the race with 26 points and 19 rebounds. Miami played very well in the first half, easily going up by even 26 points, and seemed to have demolished Charlotte’s securities in the bud, appearing as compliant as ever this season. With a dominant Jimmy Butler (32 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists) and a Tyler Herro (26 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds) glowing from the bench, the Heat concretely expressed their intense basketball, excelling in every aspect of the game. opponent. After the break, however, the Hornets recovered, regaining courage and confidence, thanks to the timeless leadership of Gordon Hayward (23 points) and the engaging enthusiasm of Miles Bridges (22 points and 8 rebounds), also finding the – 6 (84-78) at the beginning of the 4th period. The Heat’s victory came thanks to their defense, which kept Charlotte at 38.9% from the field, and was strengthened and fueled by a total rebound dominance (60-37). All brilliantly compensating for a very bad 9/35 in the three-point shot and 18 bloody turnovers.

Miami: Butler 32 (12/19, 1/3 of three, 7/7 tl), Herro 26, Adebayo 26. Rebounds: Adebayo 19. Assist: Herro 6.

Charlotte: Hayward 23 (8/15, 5/8 of three, 2/2 tl), Bridges 22, Oubre Jr. 17. Rebounds: Bridges 8. Assists: Ball 6.

Portland Trail Blazers- Los Angeles Clippers 111-92

Revenge served for Portland (3-2), who beat the Clippers at Moda Center (1-4) and healed the deep wound suffered in the terrible defeat of the beginning of the week against Coach Tyronn Lue’s men at the Staples Center. This time the Blazers controlled the race well and even went up to +20 in the 3rd quarter, despite the shy return to Los Angeles, only driven and animated by the exaggerated quality of Paul George, preacher in the desert with 42 points and 8 rebounds in 34 ‘. Portland found constant refreshment from the excellent performance of Damian Lillard, author of 25 points shooting 5/7 from the arc, and from the rebound dominance (63-43) generated in particular by the presence on the parquet of Jusuf Nurkic (14 points and 17 rebounds) and Larry Nance Jr. (10 rebounds). Brilliantly absorbed by the Blazers also the bad evening of CJ McCollum, who fired a 6/18 from the field and a 2/7 from three for 14 total points.

Portland: Lillard 25 (9/17, 5/7 da tre, 2/2 tl), Nurkic 14, McCollum 14. Rimbalzi: Nurkic 17. Assist: Lillard 6.

L.A. Clippers: George 42 (15/24, 6/9 from three, 6/9 tl), Kennard 16, Mann 9. Rebounds: Batum 9. Assist: Mann 4.

New Orleans Pelicans-Sacramento Kings109-113

The Sacramento Kings still win away (3-2), for the third time in as many seasonal games, this time on the field of the disappointing New Orleans Pelicans (1-5), still dry in the games played in the Big Easy. The Californians are mentally clear to extend the lead in the last minutes, finding the +12 (197-95) at 1:20 from the siren and making the final reaction of the Pels, still without Zion Williamson, in vain. The five double-digit players for the Kings all had a positive impact on the game, starting with “directors” De’Aaron Fox (23 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists) and Tyrese Haliburton (17 points and 8 assists), for finish with Buddy Hield, productive as always from the bench with 20 points in 30 ‘. Sacramento plays as a team, is not toxicly dependent on a single player and works consistently when he can find his flow within the game. New Orleans is really a small thing, with the partial exception of Brandon Ingram (22 points, 6 assists and 6 rebounds), who is also a bit dampened in terms of stage presence.

New Orleans: Valanciunas 24 (10/14, 1/2 da tre, 3/6 tl), Ingram 22, Graham 16. Rimbalzi: Valanciunas 13. Assist: Ingram 6.

Sacramento: Fox 23 (9/21, 1/7 from three, 4/4 tl), Holmes 21, Hield 20. Rebounds: Barnes 12. Assist: Haliburton 8.

Toronto Raptors-Orlando Magic 110-109

It is decided only in the final the match between Toronto (3-3) and Orlando (1-5), won with the thrill by the Canadians, able to go on +12 (110-98) 2 ‘from the siren and then almost be reassembled by the pride of the Magic. It was the match of the two very talented rookies Scottie Barnes (21 points and 9 rebounds) and Jalen Suggs (21 points) but, above all, it was the match of Fred VanVleet and OG Anunoby, decisive in the 4th period for the success of the Raptors. The former scored 16 of his 19 final points in the last 12 minutes, while the latter added 10 of his 16 total to break the balance in Toronto’s favor. The performance of Gary Trent Jr. (19 points) is also very important, especially in the defensive half. Orlando had the chance to win it in the last possession but failed to find the bottom of the retina with Cole Anthony (24 points). To be noted the great performance of Mo Bamba, author of 14 points, 18 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 blocks in 39 ‘.

Toronto: Barnes 21 (9/14, 1/2 of three, 2/2 tl), VanVleet 19, Trent Jr. 19. Rebounds: Barnes 9. Assists: VanVleet 6.

Orlando: Anthony 24 (7/13, 5/6 of three, 5/6 tl), Suggs 21, Carter Jr. 17. Rebounds: Bamba 18. Assists: Anthony 5.

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LeBron is back! And the Lakers are back to winning. Butler drags the Heat. Clips ko

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