Lion coach Suchopárek: In the autumn, I would give the team a two-minus mark

Molly Darlington, Reuters

The early elimination undoubtedly affected the match. The team played at ten o’clock. What has changed in tactics?

We ran much more after the exclusion. At the beginning of the match, we had to solve some situations better, Lukáš Červ in the second half again brought a certain revival to the movement of the entire team. After the elimination, the players simply had nothing to lose and were therefore more courageous. We also had a chance to turn the result around.

Adam Karabec was dealt two yellow cards within five minutes. After the first card, there was an instruction not to “provoke”, but then he was expelled. Did you deal with him?

Players were instructed to access opponents, but did not foule. For Adam, the defense is a shortcoming. Both fouls stemmed from the fact that the match was mainly a fight and Adam was not on the ball as often as he would like. This led to some frustration. Red cards simply become football. I believe he will learn and take the good out of it. Fortunately, we were able to at least balance the match. Things like inconcentration and moodiness are not just about him, these problems need to be eliminated for multiple players so that it does not limit them directly in the game.

What did the match in Koper actually show from the point of view of the group’s development?

We expected such a course of the match. It was more of a fight than a nice football. We complicated the situation with an exclusion and an unfinished duel after a corner kick. Even though you play at ten, you have to focus on such a thing. But I have to appreciate the boys for forming and following all the instructions we said at half-time. But we deserved a point, the equalizer was a reward for our activity despite the fact that we played at ten. We are happy for the point, because in the current situation he solves quite hopefully that we can play for the first two places.

You closed your opponents for the last quarter of an hour and they basically didn’t know what to play …

I don’t think we would lock them completely, but we were dangerous in weakness as well. The players soaked it, they went all the way and there were a lot of good individual performances. Maybe we would win at eleven, but maybe not. We are glad that we managed to remake it, but if we want to move, it must not happen to us. We still have a lot of work to do.

After six qualifying matches, the team has thirteen points. How satisfied are you with autumn?

I am satisfied with the number of points. The situation was not easy, but we managed an excellent entry with a managed match with Slovenia at home. The players then became nervous and we won the first four matches. Then the biggest favorite in the form of England was waiting for us. We did not succeed in this match, but a point from Slovenia helped us. It turned out well, if I had to grade like in school, I would give the players two minus.

What needs to be improved?

We need to work on all aspects of the game, but I think we can rely on defensive action and the center of the field. We have shortcomings in terms of the final phase. It’s about keeping players 100% focused on everything they do in the national team and in clubs. They did not let themselves be decided by situations they see differently, because even a ten-second loss of concentration can affect further performance.

Even in Koper, the players threw away several chances …

It’s about choosing the right place and concentrating on the ending.

Nevertheless, the top player, this time Tomáš Čvančara, prevailed again. Are you glad the attackers are doing well?

I don’t want the attackers to be “defenders”. On the other hand, I like that all spike players are able to help the team with their work. Plus, they’re scoring goals, we’re glad we have them. which must improve.

The fall is over for twenty-one. Will you already be watching not only the players you have in the staff, but also others?

Of course, but we will watch them mainly in the spring. Let’s hope there are no injuries and players will gain even more ground in clubs. In the spring we will have four matches that we will want to manage.

Spring program of lion cubs:

March 25 Albania-Czechia

March 29 Andorra-Czechia

3. 6. Czech-England

14. 6. Czech-Andorra

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Lion coach Suchopárek: In the autumn, I would give the team a two-minus mark

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