Mauricio Macri went to play golf after his investigation in Dolores | The former president chose to first go to practice his swing and then apologize for the attack on the press

In his passage through Dolores, Mauricio Macri was brief with Martín Bava. “I am not going to waste time,” he told the judge at the inquest and did not answer questions. On the other hand, he did take his, but not to account for the espionage to the relatives of the ARA San Juan crew members. After leaving the federal court and before returning to Buenos Aires, the former president took some time to practice his swing at the Golf Club Dolores. The images of Macri “throwing some balls” reminded those of his passing through another golf course: the one he did on April 2, 2018 for the one in Mar del Plata, where they went that day to try to talk to him. and a partner of a diver who later ended up being spied on by the macrista AFI.

In 50 minutes, the PRO leader resolved the summons and left in a hurry. Shortly after, the Golf Club Dolores published on its Facebook wall: “Today we received a visit from Mauricio Macri.” In the photo, the president wears the same clothes with which he had entered his investigative statement, but without the jacket. He then apologized for the outburst with the C5N journalist, via Twitter.

“Values ​​are not negotiated,” read one of the flags of the Macrista militants who returned to accompany the former president, who declares himself a “politically persecuted” in the cause led by Bava. Macri, who did not stay to speak to his followers at noon on Wednesday, took it upon himself upon his arrival at the court to break one of his script values: “freedom of the press”, when he snatched the C5N microphone from his hands. to the journalist Nicolás Munafó, who was trying to ask him a question.

Despite the immediate repudiation that the PRO leader’s gesture generated, Macri made an apology several hours after the fact. The posting on his Twitter account was shortly before 5:00 p.m., the Glof Club Dolores had already published an hour before on its Facebook wall a post with the image of the visit of the former president enjoying the golf holes near the judicial court . “My apologies for what happened today when I got out of the car. It was a reflex action to see the microphones coming on me,” he said, after practicing his swing.

Macri also had time to take a selfie with the manager of the Golf Club de Dolores buffet

After publishing the image of the former president, the official account of the Golf Club de Dolores decided to close the comments of the publication. In dialogue with Page / 12, the secretary of the entity, Leonardo Arrechea, He said that Mauricio Macri “came spontaneously” to the club, on a day when there were hardly any people because “it was the midday replacement”. The former president settled in the drive, got some clubs and dedicated himself to practicing his swing. “He was in the drive throwing balls, fifteen, twenty minutes and he went to the aeroclub that is a few meters away,” added Arrachea. After his practice, Macri got on the helicopter, back to Buenos Aires.

The antecedent of the golfer Macri and the relatives of the ARA San Juan

The PRO leader maintained strict conduct during his presidency regarding rest days and Easter 2018 was no exception. Macri spent the long weekend in Mar del Plata, but chose not to talk with the relatives of the submarine that had been missing since November 15, 2017. His discovery occurred only in November 2018. In those days of Holy Week, installed a few kilometers from the Mar del Plata Naval Base, Macri dedicated himself to playing golf.

In 2018, Macri chose the green in Mar del Plata before visiting the Ara San Juan family.

“Macri remains indifferent, but it does not surprise us because they are heartless people,” Claudio Sandoval, second uncle of second officer Celso Vallejos, had repudiated in those days. The Marplatense. “It causes us anger, impotence. Deep down, each one gets angry. Because the president is playing golf and we are still fighting,” he added on those days of searching for the 44 missing divers.

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Mauricio Macri went to play golf after his investigation in Dolores | The former president chose to first go to practice his swing and then apologize for the attack on the press

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