Milan overwhelms Venice, Logan launches Sassari, Spanish show for Cremona

Olimpia with full points after the triumph of the Forum against Reyer. All the results of the Sunday matches of the fourth day

Virtus calls, Olimpia answers. Milan remains with full points like the Italian champions (who had beaten Trieste in one of the three matches on Saturday) after the fourth day, overwhelming Venice at home. Here is everything that happened on Sunday in Serie A.

Clear path for AX Milan also in the championship: Olimpia easily spreads Venice to the Forum and pocketed the fourth victory. Race dominated from the start for the red and white led by Shields, Mitoglou and Delaney, Umana never played despite the blazes of Sanders and Tonut. Milan immediately starts strong and seals the colored area and scores two triples, 6-0 stamped by Shields. Watt unlocks the orogranata with a half-hook but it is a flash in the dark, the AX escapes after another bang, 11-2 by Delaney. Tonut tries to shake Reyer who scores only two baskets from the field in 9 minutes, Biligha dominates in the colored area with two consecutive dunks, Olimpia in control at the end of the first quarter, 20-10 after De Nicolao’s buzzer beater. Datome also shines in the red and white attack that keeps the guests at a distance, Mitoglou and Shields for the maximum advantage, 30-13. The troop of coach Messina flies even more than 20 plus, who is the master of the match in the middle of the race, 46-25. Total confidence of the hosts unleashed even after the long break, Ricci and Melli for the most comfortable 29, 57-28. Sanders is one of the few reactive among the guests, two triple rows of a silent Tonut and two free shots of Daye for at least 20, 62-42. The AX puts his foot back on the accelerator and starts the last lap on the plus 28, 73-45. Ordinary administration the fourth period for Olimpia, Mitoglou further expands the margin. (Marco Taminelli)
Milano: Mitoglou 18, Shields e Delaney 14
Venice: Sanders 14, Tonut and Daye 11

Triple from Logan with 7 ”from the end and Dinamo take the Palaverde. It had to be the “professor” to put his signature on the first as an ex against the team that led to A. His was not a perfect match: his old teammates always put their muscles on him, leaving him very little space. But in key moments, someone like Logan is hardly wrong.

Sassari climbs into the top four in the standings, ousting Treviso, with the second knockout in a row: the decline is evident, after a stellar start to the season. The first quarter is won by the defenses: the Treviso start is energetic, but rather inaccurate and Sassari takes the opportunity to dig a small advantage (4-9), which lasts until the team of coach Menetti argues with the basket. It is Russell’s magic that brings the Venetians back under, reducing the gap at the end of the partial on 11-12: a poor score, mainly due to the 2/13 total of three points, with a triple scored on each side. The second quarter is the opposite: Sassari adjusts his aim and the draw is automatic to +7 (15-22), but also the Venetians wake up and from the storm of triples – 4 sardines and 6 Treviso – we go out with the team home slightly ahead in the middle of the race (38-35). Dinamo also tries again at the start of the second half, with a break of 11-0 in less than 3 ‘that gives a push to the match (38-46). Treviso seeks the reaction, but there is not always the right precision: between one mistake and another, Akele’s basket arrives to close the third quarter with a disadvantage (48-53) that can still be recovered. This is what happens as soon as the last part begins: Sokolowski’s alley-oop for Jones marks the connection, then it is a slow point to point for those who miss less. You enter in the last minute on 64 all, but Treviso no longer scores: Dinamo instead finds a free pass with Burnell and Logan’s three-point seal. (Alberto Mariutto)
Treviso:Russell 13, Sokolowski 11, Akele 10
Sassari: Logan 22, Burnell 14, Clemmons 10

Second success of the season for the terrible freshman Tortona, who breaks through the field of a not very strenuous Pesaro and is always forced to chase. Wright is the MVP of a team that shoots more and better from 3 points than from 2. The organization and solidity of Betram are decisive, Carpegna has too many ups and downs and collects little from its foreigners. Applause from the audience for the former red and white players Wright, Cain and Filloy. Pesaro starts better (6-2 at 2 ‘) but an exceptional Wright restores parity at 10 and then at 15, at 6’. Cain dominates under the basket, Macura is precise, Vuelle fails to give the ball in the area to Jones. Larson wastes a lot and Bertram flies: 19-26 at the first interval. It starts again: 19-27 at 12 ‘, the host defense is impenetrable, the local one not very incisive. Tortona is more reactive and captures the offensive rebounds that trigger her at 22-32 in the 14th minute. Camara has a better impact than Jones, Tambone is always useful: at 18 ‘he is 37-43. It goes to pieces, the boys of Ramondino check. Daum puts in the triple of 39-52 at the end of the second quarter. Pesaro returns more convinced from the locker room and places a 7-0 break for the 45-52 of the 22 ‘. Tortona soon resumes the game, at 28 ‘is 48-62. Pesaro pushes and gives all his energies: Zanotti with 6 straight points signs the 69-73 of 36 ‘with a partial of 16-3. Larson from the line finds the 72-75 of 37 ‘. The difference is made by Tortona’s 6.75 shots, Delfino – surprisingly – does not get up from the bench in the final and the team suffers: Wright punishes by 3 for the 76-86 in the 39th minute. Pesaro, who slips 30 points in the last fraction, comes out between the whistles. And Demetrio doesn’t set foot on the pitch. (Camilla Cataldo)
Pesaro: Tambone 17, Delfino 14, Larson and Zanotti 12
Tortona: Wright 24, Macura 13, Tavernelli and Filloy12

BRESCIA-NAPLES 98-88 First smile of the season for Brescia that after an authentic battle has the better of a combative Naples. Brescia, last at 0 before this race, imposes itself with the excellent tests shot by Petrucelli (5/5 from 3) and with the 29 points of an unstoppable Mitrou-Long in the second half that Rich tried to oppose ( 6/7 from 6.75). Sprint-start for the hosts (15-3) who in the first 4 ‘stun Naples with a sparkling and pleasant basketball. The visiting team changes pace and the comeback is served (19-16). The closing of the fourth rewards Brescia (26-21) but Naples does not give up (31-28) with Velicka dictating the timing of an attack in which Elegar and McDuffie make the difference by fixing the overtaking at the start of the recovery (46-50 ) with 3 triples in a row. Brescia is compact and finds its lighthouse in attack in Della Valle: the ex Milan winger with 3 consecutive triples brings his team back (63-54) and at the third siren it is +11 with Petrucelli’s triple on the siren (70-59 ). To the sound of heavy shots (6/10 for the hosts, 7/11 for the guests) Brescia and Naples compete for the last 10 ‘: Rich’s 4 triples in a row (6/7 from the arc) bring back Naples from -15 to -7 (80-72), but Petrucelli reciprocates and closes the accounts. (Alberto Banzola)
Brescia: Mitrou-Long 29, Petrucelli 19, Della Valle 17
Naples: Rich e McDuffie 22 Elegar 13

Matteo Spanish show. A third quarter to be framed, that of the 18-year-old playmaker from Cremona. His mark on the home victory against Openjobmetis Varese, too tied in attack to Alessandro Gentile. Sixteen points of the young talent in the Vanoli jersey but owned by Real Madrid, of which 11 in the 3rd quarter (decisive set 29-20), a period in which Spanish scores in every possible way, giving in addition great assists for the jumps ( monstrous) by McNeace. Second victory in the championship for Cremona, still without Poeta, while Varese remains dry at Palaradi (10 knockouts in the last 11 races). Biancorossi immediately in attack with Beane and Gentile. Vanoli responds with 3 offensive rebounds in 3 ‘by McNeace, the best in the championship (average just over 4 per race). Beautiful all-Italian challenge in the small forward between Pecchia and Gentile, both with an Olimpia past. The first break is in Cremona: 8-0 signed by Spanish-Tinkle (14-6) Coach Vertemati needs a time out but the hosts extend thanks to super Harris (13 points in the first 10 ‘): 29-18. The Openjobmetis raises the defensive intensity: 7 lost for Vanoli only in the 2nd quarter, Miller still appears a bit outside the box of coach Galbiati (1/5 shooting). However Gentile is not served continuously and Varese’s attack suffers. You go to rest on 43-33 for Cremona. In the second half, as mentioned, Matteo Spagnolo gives a show, and with him also Ale Gentile, 10 points only in the 3rd quarter for Nando’s son. But he is nervous (technical foul for protests) as well as only in attack. He is whistled for a breakthrough foul and coach Vertemati removes him from the field to put him back only 2 ‘from the end. Egbunu and Jones do not affect the basket, better the 21 year old Caruso (8 on the scoresheet). With 19 points to recover in the 4th quarter (72-53), Varese does not let go, but the comeback remains impossible. (Giacomo Iacomino)
Cremona: Harris 22, Spanish 16.
Varese: Gentile 18, Beane 14

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Milan overwhelms Venice, Logan launches Sassari, Spanish show for Cremona

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