Morant and too many turnovers: so Memphis takes away from the Warriors the unbeaten run

Golden State surrendered 104-101 in extra time, making up for the first defeat of the season. Curry signs 36 points but misses all the shots attempted between fourth period and overtime

Nobody’s perfect. Not Steph Curry, a 36-point superstar who misses all 6 attempts between the fourth period and overtime. Not the Golden State Warriors, who lose their first game of the season against Memphis, 104-101 in overtime, for their own demerits, as many as 23 turnovers. The Grizzlies deserve the victory, because after a horrible first quarter, in the second game in 24 hours, they find the right key to put the Bay team in difficulty. Thanks to Ja Morant, still the protagonist with 30 points. And thanks also to the battle spirit of a workers’ squad that has many more weapons than it seems.

the roar of the grizzlies

Memphis was down 19 in the first quarter and throughout the first half he had his star running in flashes. Yet she did not give up. He found in Morant the necessary points and leadership, from the excellent Desmond Bane (19 points) heavy baskets, in the defense of De’Anthony Melton the trump card to send Curry out of control, in the slo-mo talent of Kyle Anderson a very precious handyman. The Grizzlies came from two losses in a row: they wiped them out showing personality, what makes them a dangerous team even in the Wild West. “We enjoy this victory, but we still have a long way to go to find the continuity we want – explains coach Tyler Jenkins with his quick talk after the race -. We can compete in every game if we play as we know. All players have a responsibility to help the team win: when it’s their turn, they have to have an impact on the game and against the Warriors they did it ”.

false step

Golden State has to learn a lot from the first misstep of the season, as Steve Kerr recalls at the end of the race. The main problem is the turnovers: “Thanks to Memphis, of course, but many of our mistakes are free – says the coach -. We worked throughout the training camp to try to limit them to 12-13 per game: so far we have only succeeded once in 5 races. We have to learn a lot from this defeat ”. Golden State must also learn to find an alternative scorer to Curry: Andrew Wiggins (16 points) and Damian Lee (14, Steph’s brother-in-law scored at least 10 points in all 5 races of the season) have tried, with mixed results, but in this match Jordan Poole would also have served, who instead got the fence (9 points and 6 turnovers) for the first time this season. Draymond Green as usual has done everything (12 rebounds, 7 assists, 5 blocks, 3 steals), except making a basket (4 points with 2/5 shooting): in games like these, where Curry suddenly stops turn, he also needs to produce points.

the match

The Warriors are perfect in the first quarter: 19 points ahead, 12 assists for 14 baskets, Curry already with 14 points. Too perfect to be true, though. Memphis returns to the game with a 14-0 run, arrives at the interval under 55-45 and with Morant wakes up in the second half (18 points in the third quarter) remains in the wake and then overtakes in the middle of the last period with a partial 11- 0. Lee leads the reaction of the Warriors, Curry in the fourth period does not score even a point and also misses the triple of overtaking at the edge of the siren. The overtime starts from 98-98: Anderson puts the first points from the line, Lee immediately responds from three but his remains the only basket of the Warriors in the extra 5 ‘. Morant nails 104-101 with 57 “to play: Curry continues to make mistakes and also infects his brother-in-law, who at 6” from the end misses the hook. Golden State Surrenders: To His Mistakes And The Grizzlies’ Determination.

Golden State: Curry 36 (4/9 of two, 7/20 of three, 7/7 free throws), Wiggins 16, Lee 14. Rebounds: Green 12. Assists: Curry 8.

Memphis: Morant 30 (9/14, 2/8, 6/6 tl), Bane 19, Jackson 15. Rebounds: Anderson 9. Assists: Morant 5.

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Morant and too many turnovers: so Memphis takes away from the Warriors the unbeaten run

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