Moser returns bersagliere in the Relay of Peace for the 100th anniversary of the Unknown Soldier

The Trentino champion, who had carried out his military service in the Bersaglieri, was the last fractionist in Rovereto of the Crimson Staff, who will now move from Trentino to Veneto and Friuli. On October 28 will fall the anniversary of the choice of the Unknown Soldier in the basilica of Aquileia

Francesco Moser excited. The stern look, the hat and the Bersagliere bicycle, the body in which he had done his military service in the Compagnia Atleti. Under the Peace Bell of Rovereto, symbol of universal peace, the champion of Palù di Giovo was the last fractionist of the Crimson Relay for peace, one hundred years after the anniversary of the Unknown Soldier. The notes of the Armistice Trumpet played by Maestro Ivano Ascari, and then the 100 tolls of the Bell of the Fallen Maria Dolens closed the Crimson Relay of Peace-Centenary of the Unknown Soldier on the Colle di Miravalle in Rovereto. It was taken on Saturday 16 October at the Amras International Military Cemetery in Austria, and then left again on Monday from the Brenner Pass with a double ceremony in Austria and Italy, making a stop in Trento and reaching Rovereto, the city of universal Peace.

The witness

The protagonist of the last fraction was Francesco Moser: the Trentino rider traveled the avenue on the Colle di Miravalle riding a historic Bersaglieri bicycle carrying the baton right under Maria Dolens, the bell made almost a hundred years ago using the bronze of the guns of the nations in war.

In the parade among the flags of the 102 nations that adhered to the message of Peace of the Campana dei Caduti Foundation, Moser was joined by the regent of the Foundation, Ambassador Marco Marsilli, by the president of the National Association of Bersaglieri General Ottavio Renzi, and by the local authorities. Now the commemorative event wanted by the Trentino-Alto Adige section of the National Bersaglieri Association as a tribute to the Unknown Soldier will continue in Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia, until the conclusion scheduled for 28 October at the Basilica of Aquileia.


On 28 October 1921, at 11 am, in the Basilica of Aquileia where they had been brought by the Church of Sant’Ignazio di Gorizia, Maria Maddalena Bergamas, mother of an unnamed soldier who fell in the First World War, embraced one of the eleven coffins lined up in the nave of the basilica. Eleven coffins that had to designate the body of the Unknown Soldier by a “mother of an unrecognized fallen man and so that the chosen box does not know which area of ​​the front it comes from”. That coffin was then taken to Rome aboard a special railway train (with hearse, flower car and sixteen of carriages and wagons) escorted by some veterans decorated with the gold medal for military valor and honored by millions of people during his very slow transfer to the capital. The coffin was buried at the Altare della Patria.

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Moser returns bersagliere in the Relay of Peace for the 100th anniversary of the Unknown Soldier

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