Resounding: Virtus Bologna also crashes in Tortona

After Naples, the Italian champions fall against another freshman. A 3 ”Visconti basket gives Brindisi the victory over Venice. Trieste too ok

In the game with an apparently obvious prediction, Italian champions against newly promoted rookie in Serie A, Derthona breaks the taboo of the first home victory by forcing a little determined and imprecise Virtus to the second stop in a row in the championship. An exciting and clear victory for Tortona, in a PalaFerraris di Casale Monferrato colored in pink for the initiative in favor of Airc and ready to explode for the enterprise of its players, who dominate the black Vs without Belinelli, Sampson and all ‘ last moment Pajola. Balanced first quarter, with an 8-0 run that deceives Virtus, then nullified. Ramondino reorganizes his team, with Macura always ready for blocks and the defense holds up better the impact, Wright precise in the direction and assists, Daum heavy on the basket and team attention to the trajectories and the defense of the basket: he closes on 20-22. The second quarter is definitely from Tortona, great rhythm and precision. At 5 ‘the PalaFerraris explodes at the +5 basket signed by Macura, but it is only the beginning, against an enmeshed and not very reactive Virtus, to spread up to a +15 with which the first half ends in which Tortona, dragged by Macura and Mascolo, is dominant. Little Virtus, Teodosic and Mannion rehearse in directing but the energies are what they are, impalpable Hervey, Cordinier, Alibegovic. Only Weens fights and scores a lot but it is not enough. And the pause does not change the script: six points of Virtus are immediately reduced, 73-65. Last period that marks the maximum advantage from Tortona. Virtus, on the other hand, must reflect on the second consecutive misstep. (Stefano Brocchetti) Tortona: Daum 18, Cain 15, Mascolo 12
Virtus Bologna: Weens 28, Mannion 15, Teodosic 12

The fifth consecutive win has a particular flavor for Brindisi beating Reyer Venezia defending until the last possession, after having dominated it for 30 ‘and suffered tremendously throughout the last quarter. The hosts who find Chappell and Gaspardo start very strong with the pair of Perkins in the chair (4 ‘, 12-3) together with Visconti surgical in punishing the soft defense of the opponents from the bow. Reyer’s first 5 ‘are really terrible: in attack she struggles to build, thanks to a lack of shooting percentage. In defense, then, he fails to stem the shock wave of the hosts, who accelerate significantly by exploiting properly the evening inspired by three points (6/8 in the first 10 ‘). Brindisi makes 4 consecutive shots from the bow with Josh Perkins, Chappel (2) and always Visconti (8 ‘, 24-9) expanding the lead up to +19 (9’, 30-11). Sanders started from the bench and is the only one in Venice to find the way to the basket with continuity: the 10-0 partial (33-23) set up in the first three minutes is the result of an empty pass that Vitucci’s men manage to overcome by returning to play with quality on both sides of the pitch (18 ‘, 43-31). After the break, Reyer’s attitude is completely different from that shown in the first half. The vivacity of Phillip and Tonut in addition to the fourth foul by Chappel (with 17 ‘still to play), complicate Brindisi’s plans, which begins to see his advantage tapering to only one possession (26’, 54-51). The Apulians manage to get out of the quicksand always with a three-point shot: one by Visconti and two by Nick Perkins, they ignite the PalaPentassuglia (28 ‘, 63-55). Venice, however, is still alive. Vitali’s 3-pointer (63-61) is the prelude to the last quarter of high emotional tension. Said, done, it only takes 45 seconds for the gold-grenades to take the lead (31 ‘, 63-67) and turn the game over. Adrian’s fourth foul while fighting under the basket against Daye is the other tile fallen on the head of the Brindisi team, stunned by the energetic shoulder struck by Reyer, but still alert. Everything is decided in the last minute with Venice ahead of a length (77-78). Nick Perkins is 2/2 from the line as does Tonut (79-80), with 19 ”still on the clock. Visconti realizes in suspension (81-80). The last possession is from Venice: Tonut misses the dunk and recriminates for a foul that does not arrive. Brindisi wins amid protests from the guest bench. (Giuseppe Mazzone)
Brindisi: N. Perkins 26, Visconti 15, J. Perkins 13
Venezia: Phillip 18, Tonut 15, Sanders 10


With a comeback in the final, at the end of a long match conducted in pursuit, the Allianz surpasses a Ge.Vi. never tames and consolidates in the high areas of the ranking. Napoli recriminates for a match that he managed for large stretches but that, in the final stages, he was unable to bring home, denouncing the limits of experience in the management of decisive possessions. Sacripanti shuffles the cards after Mayo’s departure entrusting the direction to Velicka and joining the Lithuanian playmaker Rich, Lombardi, Parks and Elegar. The usual quintet, on the other hand, for Allianz with Grazulis and Konate under the scoreboards and the pair of outsiders formed by Banks and Mian jousting alongside Sanders. Wet powders at the opening of the game with Trieste arguing with the basket and Napoli dragged by Rich’s seven points in the 5 ‘moves forward 2-9. Konate unlocks the Allianz but it is Ge.Vi who makes the game. First changes, the rotations do not change the balance of a first quarter that the guests close ahead 16-22. Lever and Campogrande try to shock Trieste in the opening of the second quarter. Partial of 7-2 and the home team returns to the match at 23-24. Mc Duffie climbs into the chair first, seven consecutive points, then Parks who asserts the law of the former and with a substantial performance (13 points in the first half with 6/9 from the field) gives his team the maximum advantage over 28- 41. The Allianz limits the damage in the final seconds and with Grazulis and Konate closes the first half under the double figure of disadvantage at 33-41. There is Fabio Mian’s mark on the Allianz comeback at the opening of the second half. Points, defense and recoveries for the Gorizia guard who favors the partial that brings Trieste back to 45-49. Napoli tries again to escape 46-57 with Velicka’s free throws, Fernandez’s seven consecutive points and a 2 + 1 from Lever close the third quarter at 55-59 which completely reopens the challenge. Fernandez and the triple from captain Cavaliero for the first advantage of Allianz at 8’31 ”from the final siren. Last minutes of the battle, Trieste tries to stretch at 66-61, Naples does not drop the white flag and comes back with Parks at 74-75 at 1’38 “from the siren. Score blocked until the final seconds, Ge.Vi puts you back at 13 ”from the end but commits an infringement of five seconds and gives the last possession to Allianz. Foul on Delia with 7 ”on the clock, the free throwers of the Argentine center set the 76-75. Lost by Rich, another free for Delia who signs the 77-75 and new lost by Uglietti with 2 ”from the end that condemns the formation of Sacripanti to a bitter defeat.

Trieste: Cavaliero 9, Fernandez 9, Delia 9
Napoli: Parks 20, Elegar 18, Rich 15

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Resounding: Virtus Bologna also crashes in Tortona

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