Santa Ana prepares for the great Half Triathlon party

There are almost 30 runners registered in the elite category and that includes the top figure of our triathlon, Oscar Galindez from Cordoba. The Olympic representative Luciano Taccone will also be present and the presence of one of the great winners of this half, the Neuquén Mario de Elias, along with many other figures.

In ladies, the most notable presence of another Olympic representative with Romina Biagioli, as well as the participation of Romina Palacio Balena, undoubtedly two great references of the national triathlon.

The event has as main sponsor “Profile Design” and will run over distances of 1900 meters of swimming, 90 kilometers of cycling and 21 of running, and there will also be a sprint distance without drafting with 800 meters of swimming, 30 of cycling and 7 of running.

In the main test it will be a lap for the 1900 swimming with start and finish at the main beach, 3 laps of 30 km. for cycling, reaching Villa del Rosario and 3 laps of 7 km. for pedestrianism that largely comprises the streets of the town of Santa Ana.

There will be the presence of around 700 participants from all over the country and also from Uruguay, and the organizing ACPC together with the municipality of Santa Ana are working hard to adjust all the final details of this test that requires great logistics.

The excellent predisposition of the municipal authorities of Chajarí and Villa del Rosario is also highlighted, since the work will be jointly between the three localities working in a coordinated manner, especially taking into account the cutting of provincial route No. 2 where the cycling.

It should be noted that for a few days the town of Santa Ana has already exhausted all its accommodation capacity, and there are even few places available also in Chajarí, so some runners are looking at options in Federación for their stay. All this only reflects the great tourist movement represented by the realization of this mega event that is considered the most important in the country in this distance.

Among the participants there will be many concordians, Federico Alvarez being the only one who will be starting in the elite category.

The ACPC in these days will be moving its entire structure, with the collaboration also of trucks from the municipality of Santa Ana that will come to our city for this purpose, as well as on the Saturday before the race a group of the municipality will come to look for the collaborators that are usually present when the half is held in our city, so this support is extremely remarkable.

The activity will begin on Saturday 6 since that day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Kits will be delivered and bicycles to enter the closed park. The expo will also take place and at 4:30 p.m. the technical talk will take place. The start of the swim will be at the main beach and as an option in case of strong winds, it will start at another very close beach where the lake is generally much more “ironed”. The transition, closed park and arrival of the competition will be totally concentrated in the campsite, so the visual for the spectator will be very interesting in terms of being able to see all the alternatives of the competition.

There is a lot of expectation, there is a lot of anxiety to be able to develop this thirteenth edition of this half that has really had many setbacks along the way, remembering the ill-fated cancellation in April when two days into the race with everything fully armed and with practically all the corridors in our city, a provincial decree applied by the pandemic prevented its realization.

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Santa Ana prepares for the great Half Triathlon party

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