Super Butler, Miami bewitches the Wizards. Drummond holds back Jokic: Phila breaks Denver

With 32 points from Butler the Heat fold Washington, Drummond turns off Jokic and launches the bandaged 76ers. Clippers knocked out with the Grizzlies

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Second consecutive defeat for the Wizards who are dominated by the Heat, despite the many absences Philadelphia, however, goes to Denver while the Grizzlies knock out the Clippers.

Miami Heat-Washington Wizards 112-97

Changing of the guard at the top of the Eastern Conference with Miami (11-5) beating Washington (10-5) and overtaking it in the standings, hooking the Nets in first place. The Heat, without Tyler Herro, who was going through an excellent moment of form, place the decisive acceleration in the third quarter, detach the team from the Capital and then go on to win easily. 32 points for Butler, 20 with nine rebounds for the returning Adebayo, Miami thus conquers his fourth consecutive success.

Miami:Butler 32 (11/18, 0/1, 10/10 tl), Adebayo 20, Vincent 18. Rimbalzi: Adebayo 9. Assist: Lowry 12.

Washington: Beal 30 (8/10, 3/8, 5/6 tl), Kuzma 19, Kispert 13. Rimbalzi: Kuzma 13. Assist: Kuzma 7.

Denver Nuggets-Philadelphia 76ers 89-103

With the infirmary still full Philadelphia (9-7) manages to slow Jokic in the second half and find the success that interrupts the streak of five consecutive defeats. The Serbian after an excellent first half, finished with 27 points, is held back by Drummond in the second half and struggles a lot, scoring only three points in the end. Maxey and Curry thus knock out Denver (9-6) which is too confusing at an offensive level and shoots with a bad 36% from the field.

Denver:Jokic 30 (7/13, 3/4, 7/9 tl), Barton 19, Morris 11. Rimbalzi: Jokic 10. Assist: Barton 8.

Philadelphia: Maxey 22 (7/12, 2/3, 2/4 tl), Curry 20, Harris 17. Rimbalzi: Bassey, Harris 7. Assist: Curry 5.

Memphis Grizzlies-Los Angeles Clippers 120-108

The Clippers (9-6) are unable to contain the attack of Memphis (8-7) which produces a performance of applause, scores 120 points and shoots with 54% from the field against one of the best defenses, at least from a point of statistical view, of the League. Morant is unsurpassed at times, signing 17 of his 28 points in the third quarter and dragging the Grizzlies to success.

Memphis: Morant 28 (11/16, 2/5), Brooks, Jackson Jr. 18. Rimbalzi: Adams 10. Assist: Jones 6.

LA Clippers: George 23 (4/9, 5/9), Jackson 18, Kennard 15. Rebounds: Zubac 7. Assist: George 6.

Minnesota Timberwolves-San Antonio Spurs 115-90

Another performance to forget for the disappointing Spurs (4-11) who immediately go below 22-3 and then are unable to raise their heads, thus collecting the fourth consecutive defeat. Minnesota (6-9) has an easy life, relies on the production of Towns (25 points and 12 rebounds) and on the flashes of Russell and takes home the success.

Minnesota:Towns 25 (6/12, 3/4, 4/6 tl), Russell 22, Beasley 15. Rimbalzi: Vanderbilt, Towns 12. Assist: Beverley 7.

San Antonio: Vassell 18 (6/7, 2/7), Walker IV, Johnson 12. Rimbalzi: Murray 8. Assist: White, Murray 4.

Utah Jazz-Toronto Raptors 119-103

Rudy Gay made his seasonal debut with applause, who in just 18 minutes of play produced 20 points shooting with an excellent 5/6 from long distance. Toronto (7-9) deprived of the injured Anunoby (a stop of several weeks for him) and betrayed by a disastrous Siakam (2/14 from the field) loses contact with the Jazz (10-5) in the third fraction and fails more to get back into the match.

Utah:Mitchell 20 (4/6, 2/7, 6/6 tl), Gay 20 (2/2 5/6, 1/2 tl), O’Neale 16. Rimbalzi: Gobert 11. Assist: Ingles 8.

Toronto:Trent Jr. 31 (7/7, 5/11, 2/2 tl), VanVleet 24, Birch 14. Rimbalzi: Boucher 8. Assist: Barnes 6.

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Super Butler, Miami bewitches the Wizards. Drummond holds back Jokic: Phila breaks Denver

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