‘Winter is coming’ – Politicians don’t make choices, risk of contamination in airplane limited

Winter is coming Politicians dont make choices risk of

“I can taste a lot of irritation. Scientists notice that politicians only try to save what can be saved and do not want to make tough decisions,” science editor and corona journalist Maarten Keulemans told de Volkskrant (4.1). “They are working on the transition from 3G to 2G, or the catering industry has to close … Read more

Spider-Man is coming to Marvel’s Avengers, but it’s a PlayStation exclusive

Spider Man is coming to Marvels Avengers but its a PlayStation

Spider-Man is about to be introduced with a new story about the Square Enix service game, along with many other (free) news for the game. Spider-Man is finally about to come up Marvel’s Avengers, after being announced close to the launch of the game. The character, as is traditional for the Square Enix and Crystal … Read more

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