Miccoli enters the prison in Rovigo: “I am destroyed and disappointed”

Miccoli enters the prison in Rovigo I am destroyed and

Sentenced in Cassation for aggravated extortion to 3 years and 6 months, he is handed over in Veneto: “Far from everyone” Serena Gentile 25 november – Milano For the final with the Supreme Court, the last judgment, Professor Franco Coppi, a well-known criminal lawyer and former lawyer of Giulio Andreotti, also deployed in his defense. … Read more

As cheerful as Sarri: after the sarrismo the short nose also enters the Treccani

As cheerful as Sarri after the sarrismo the short nose

In Lazio-Juventus next Saturday two coaches will face each other who influence our language with their neologisms From the Tuscan derby to the encyclopedia challenge. The first time Massimiliano Allegri and Maurizio Sarri faced each other on the bench, an anonymous zero to zero came out with no shots on goal: 16 November 2003, Group … Read more

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