Lab Travel, partnership con Catch Fishing Heroes per chi ama la pesca

Lab Travel partnership con Catch Fishing Heroes per chi ama

Michele Zucchi Lab Travel signs a four-year partnership for the technical organization of all the trips of Catch Fishing Heroes, a leader in Italy in the segment of expeditions dedicated to sport fly fishing enthusiasts. The agreement, already operational since the beginning of November, provides for the 150 Personal Voyager Euphemia the possibility of exclusively … Read more

Bacteria as climate heroes

Journal Reference: Christian Simon Neuendorf, Gabriel A. Vignolle, Christian Derntl, Tamara Tomin, Katharina Novak, Robert L. Mach, Ruth Birner-Grünberger, Stefan Pflügl. A quantitative metabolic analysis reveals Acetobacterium woodii as a flexible and robust host for formate-based bioproduction. Metabolic Engineering, 2021; 68: 68 DOI: 10.1016/j.ymben.2021.09.004 Circular economy for CO2 “The economy of the future must be … Read more

From Boniperti and Riva to Balotelli and Darmian: the blue heroes of the “inside or outside” challenges

From Boniperti and Riva to Balotelli and Darmian the blue

There are many “play-offs” matches in the history of the national team’s qualifications for the World Cup or European Championships. The first with Egypt in 1953. And 3 times we wiped out Switzerland From Boniperti to Balotelli, from Gigi Riva to El Shaarawy. The challenges without tomorrow of the National team in the post-war period … Read more

At the Festival Luis Scola and Dino Radja, heroes without borders. Book your seat

At the Festival Luis Scola and Dino Radja heroes without

Olympic companies, Europe and the pro ‘USA. On Saturday at 9 pm the meeting with the two basketball myths Italy, Euroleague and Nba. Three basketball themes that at the 2021 Sport Festival, scheduled in Trento from Thursday to Sunday, will be developed by two international level champions. Dino Radja and Luis Scola, phenomena of their … Read more

“From None to Heroes”: Call of Duty Vanguard World War II

From None to Heroes Call of Duty Vanguard World War

Interview with the art directors of Sledgehammer Games, the Activision studio that is working on the new CoD due out this week. One step away from the launch of Call of Duty Vanguard, had the opportunity to chat with art director Joseph Salud and associate art director Sandy Lin-Chiang of Sledgehammer Games, the development … Read more

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