It all started with the “favor for a friend”: the 8 long years of the Miccoli case. And that “mud” in Falcone …

It all started with the favor for a friend the

The facts between 2010 and 2011, the guarantee notice is from 2013. Then wiretaps, indelible image stains, tears and regrets until the sentence on Tuesday evening. And the sister of the judge murdered by the mafia never forgave him There are no more appeals. The Supreme Court held him responsible for extortion with the mafia … Read more

Miccoli enters the prison in Rovigo: “I am destroyed and disappointed”

Miccoli enters the prison in Rovigo I am destroyed and

Sentenced in Cassation for aggravated extortion to 3 years and 6 months, he is handed over in Veneto: “Far from everyone” Serena Gentile 25 november – Milano For the final with the Supreme Court, the last judgment, Professor Franco Coppi, a well-known criminal lawyer and former lawyer of Giulio Andreotti, also deployed in his defense. … Read more

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