Rli: make policy for farmers who continue – Nitrogen policy hijacks all the attention for quitters and forget the stayers – Foodlog

Rli make policy for farmers who continue Nitrogen policy

Making agriculture more sustainable also poses farmers who are not bought out or who already wanted to quit because they have no successor for an existential question: how do I get paid for the extra costs that sustainability entails or is it better for me to quit? Current policy focuses mainly on quitters and compulsory … Read more

No more barrels, heavily toxic drug waste goes straight into the ground – Liberal policy, empty stables and agility at sea attractive to drug criminals – Foodlog

No more barrels heavily toxic drug waste goes straight into

The drug industry is becoming more and more intertwined with agriculture and nature. A recently published video triptych van Algemeen Dagblad outlines the latest developments. Previously we saw an increase in the number of barrels of drug waste being dumped in the forests, nowadays criminals just as easily lay a drain hose from the drug … Read more

No Netherlands without raised bogs – Anyone who tampers with a strict nitrogen policy will tamper with our history – Foodlog

No Netherlands without raised bogs Anyone who tampers with

We should opt for strict nitrogen standards, not least to make it possible to create new raised bogs. Because we owe a lot to this most important wild ecosystem that we know in the Netherlands. Nature conservation subjective choiceNature conservation is subjective. Why do we protect the lion and not the AIDS virus? Both are … Read more

The opportunity makes the thief – ‘Brabant meat crooks in Congo’ result of policy – Foodlog

The opportunity makes the thief Brabant meat crooks in

Things started to roll in 2013 with a report by the Moroccan consultancy firm Menaa Finance, which examined the Congolese food chain at the request of the Congolese Ministry of Economy. That food chain appears to be in the hands of 3 conglomerates, which behave like a cartel. Price fixing, market dominance, speculation and corruption … Read more

Domino effects of the new Dutch nature policy – Manure becomes valuable and must be processed, pressure on FrieslandCampina farmers – Foodlog

Domino effects of the new Dutch nature policy Manure

In addition to the large resources that suddenly become available to finance new and existing nature (such as De Peel) that still need to be adapted, the formation decisions regarding the nature and reduction policy for the number of animals continue to affect the food and agricultural complex. From CU leader Gert-Jan Segers left in … Read more

Afghan refugees: “Faced with the horror, faced with the emergency, a change of policy is necessary”

Afghan refugees Faced with the horror faced with the emergency

Tribune. It was in the middle of August. Kabul had just fallen into the hands of the Taliban. It started with a few phone calls: colleagues and friends asked us to help one of their relatives, Afghan brothers or sisters, to evacuate them as quickly as possible from Afghanistan, before the American troops withdrew on … Read more

‘The Impossible Wedding More & Better’ – Brabants Civic Platform measures provincial policy – Foodlog

The Impossible Wedding More Better Brabants Civic Platform

A good piece starts with a title. Then follows a summary. But the title is actually the shortest summary you can give. Our title has a double meaning. He contains the essence of this piece. But at the same time he raises questions. That is also the intention. Because we want our reaction to get … Read more

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