Federal n.1 Innocenti: “The 6 Nations is not at risk. But history doesn’t jump “

Federal n1 Innocenti The 6 Nations is not at risk

The president after the November tests: “Once we won the game that we had to win, we were straightforward. Exploits take time. There will be a third senior national team. Nobody wants us out of the tournament, 60 million Italians are a value for the CVC. And now an agreement with the FIGC “ And … Read more

Linked faults under Salt Lake City may elevate risk of building damage

Journal Reference: Lee M. Liberty, James St. Clair, Adam P. McKean. A Broad, Distributed Active Fault Zone Lies beneath Salt Lake City, Utah. The Seismic Record, 2021; 1 (1): 35 DOI: 10.1785/0320210009 The findings, published in the open-access journal The Seismic Record, suggest that earthquakes magnitude 5.0 and larger could cause ground displacement and liquefaction … Read more

One bone fracture increases risk for subsequent breaks in postmenopausal women

Journal Reference: Carolyn J. Crandall, Rebecca P. Hunt, Andrea Z. LaCroix, John A. Robbins, Jean Wactawski-Wende, Karen C. Johnson, Maryam Sattari, Katie L. Stone, Julie C. Weitlauf, Tanya R. Gure, Jane A. Cauley. After the initial fracture in postmenopausal women, where do subsequent fractures occur? EClinicalMedicine, 2021; 100826 DOI: 10.1016/j.eclinm.2021.100826 A fracture, no matter the … Read more

GLOSA: Desperado or Sennov-style guy? Verstappena forces DNA and circumstances to risk – Sport.cz

GLOSA Desperado or Sennov style guy Verstappena forces DNA and circumstances

It was the second time patch for Max Verstappen for his risky drive in Saudi Arabia, while at least one more escaped thanks to the team’s agreement with the race directorate. “What has happened today is unbelievable. I try to race, but today this sport is more about penalties than riding. For me, it’s no … Read more

Roland Wöller is a security risk

Roland Woller is a security risk

PLUS Saxony 05.12.2021 8:41 pm Roland Wöller is a security risk The torch demonstration in front of Petra Köpping’s house is a scandal. Saxony lacks a credible security apparatus, comments Annette Binninger. Right-wing extremist groups have been able to network unhindered in Saxony for years. The © Arvid Müller By Annette Binninger 2 Min. Reading … Read more

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