The bomb: Sillygurun Daniel Kristoffersson new reporter at Sportbladet – changes sides after 15 years

He has delivered more football transfers than anyone else in over a decade.

Now Sportbladet can reveal the bomb: Daniel Kristoffersson changes sides and steps into the pink world.

– It will be great fun and a little irritating, he says.

Welcome to Sportbladet Daniel! Or should we call you “Disco”?

– You can call me whatever you want. At work, everyone calls me “Disco”, but Daniel is probably different. But Disco is going great.

Where does the nickname come from?

– It’s not that fun, a two-plus story. But I can pull it anyway. It is from when I worked at Sundsvalls Tidning and played football in a team called Kovland. There I played together with Nisse Jakobsson at Bildbyrån and we had a team party where I did some nice dance moves and then our material came on the Monday after and said “damn what was up with you, Disco-Danne”. Then Nisse brought it to Sundsvalls Tidning and then it went to Expressen. Then others say that there are a lot of reasons for the nickname, but I just think there is one and it’s not more fun than that.

Daniel Kristoffersson is a new reporter at Sportbladet after 15 years at Expressen.

Lovar sillybomber

So there will be good speed at Sportbladet’s job parties now?

– It will definitely not be. That time is over.

You come to Sportbladet after 15 years at Expressen where you are best known for your silly news, what magnitude on the Richter scale would you say that this transition has?

– I’m very humble, but I guess it’s a decent bomb anyway.

What can our readers expect from you?

– They can expect me to continue to pour on with news and some silly bombs I dare to promise. And that I will do a lot of podcasts and television. Hopefully there will be a lot behind the scenes and inside about what happens in Swedish football in general.

It’s just football?

– Yes, it will be. I’ve been a hockey reporter once, but I was not very successful.

Wait, I forgot… how does it feel?

– It feels great to come to such a good workplace as Aftonbladet seems to be. It is Sweden’s largest sports magazine that invests in football and the Allsvenskan. Then, of course, it feels strange to leave Expressen after 15 very good and fun years, but it will be great fun and also a little annoying to step into a new job.

What is your dream reveal?

– Now it is good that Zlatan will come to the Allsvenskan and Hammarby, even if it may not feel so realistic.

“Disco” will deliver football news on Sportbladet. “I dare promise some silly bombs,” he says.

Wennerholm not impressed

Your best sports memory?

– There are as many as you like. The World Cup in South Africa 2010 was my first championship where I got to be alone and travel around and watch Lagerbäck and Nigeria, it was absolutely fantastic. But the highlight was probably Brazil 2014. There was a peak there when you sat on the Maracanã and watched the World Cup final.

Worst memory?

– By far the worst is when I would try to be an athletics reporter. Instead of going to the Manchester derby, this was in 2007 when “Svennis” was coach, I was sent to Vaasa for athletics. It started with me having to apologize to the entire national athletics team for writing something that was completely crazy about Carolina Klüft and Eunice Barber, so it did not go so well …

Mats Wennerholm was not impressed?

– He was definitely not impressed. He was there and I remember I offered him a ride home from the arena after the races, but he went with someone else.

Which team do you root for?

– I have been at Inter since 1989, otherwise I am not on any team. It is fun that mom and dad and all other relatives in Sundsvall get to experience Allsvenskan football in Sundsvall again, but I am not a supporter of Gif Sundsvall.

There will be no conflict of interest now that they have joined the Allsvenskan?

– No absolutely not. No one needs to worry about that.

What are you most passionate about in the profession?

– To reveal news and be first with things. It is a special feeling to have a news and know that only I and very few other people know this.

What are you most looking forward to starting at Sportbladet?

– To get started and work and meet all colleagues.

Daniel Kristoffersson starts at Sportbladet in February and will be a big part of the football coverage.

– We are very happy to be able to welcome “Disco” to Sportbladet. His knowledge, drive and insight will fit perfectly in our expanded investment in Swedish football and the Allsvenskan. Readers have a lot to look forward to in the coming years with us, says Sportbladet’s news director Johan Kingfors.


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The bomb: Sillygurun Daniel Kristoffersson new reporter at Sportbladet – changes sides after 15 years

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