The Cuadrado solution, the three-man defense and the doubts: how much Danilo will be missing from Juve

The Brazilian will miss at least 9 league games, plus Champions and Super Cup: in the team no one like him knows how to change the skin of Juve between the three or four defensive lines. For this reason the technician will have to take decisively paths less traveled for now

He is not one of the cover faces, but for a year and a half Danilo has been one of Juve’s most important men and this season he has picked up where he was last, when he was the man most employed by Pirlo. Another one like him Allegri does not have it: right side defense by construction, Danilo is today much more for the ability to dress as a third of the three-man defense, totally at ease, thus guaranteeing Allegri today as Pirlo yesterday the possibility of a Juve-transformer who defends with four and attacks with three, also given the skills of the Brazilian in the setting phase which, when needed, have made him spendable also in midfield. Juve does not have a replacement for a player like this, doing without him for two months in any case will change the Juventus season.


“Unfortunately I will be out for a few weeks. The tears at the end of the match were of pain but also of sadness because I was sure I had to skip the next matches which will be important for us. I will do everything to be available as soon as possible,” wrote Danilo after the results of the tests which quantified the recovery time from medium-grade lesion of the adductor longus muscle of the left thigh in two months. In the best case, it means missing nine Serie A matches (the big matches: Atalanta immediately, Napoli and Roma at the beginning of the return), the last two of the Champions League group (Chelsea already skipped) and the Super Cup. January 12 against Inter. As long as it is realistic to aim for a recovery for Milan-Juventus on 23 January. Looking for a solution on the market? The winter session will begin when a month and a half of the two that Juve has to wait has already passed.


For Juve it is not just a question of finding only a man on the right in place of Danilo, which in itself is a non-trivial matter. Juan Cuadrado from outside on the line of Allegri defenders struggles to see him: it was the solution to the flight on Saturday with Lazio after Danilo’s exit, it was the solution to the game in progress even when in St. Petersburg in the second half there was need to unlock, and only twice in 17 games Max has covered it from the start, with Empoli and with Sampdoria. The other solution as a right-back is called Mattia De Sciglio, but with two notations, which are not impediments but notes: one, he has been out for a month due to a hamstring injury, but “he should return before Atalanta” he said. Merry; two, despite being right-back in the role at the end of this year the best was given when employed on the left, but the problems are other. But none of these solutions allows Allegri to change skin between possession and non-possession as with Danilo.


If there must be a three-man defensive line, then the absence of the equalizer Danilo can be the accelerator to reach the three-man defense without compromise: De Ligt center-right, Bonucci in the middle, Chiellini center-left. What for Allegri gives the idea of ​​being a final destination, even if hardly on a permanent basis, more like a weapon to draw from when needed. Also because Chiellini certainly cannot be asked to be in all the matches, and Rugani alone as an alternative to all three is also a little bit quantitatively. Not to mention the balance to be found later: with the three-party defense what are the conditions of coexistence between the Church (which Allegri does not see at full range) and Dybala? Once one issue has been solved, another opens up, but they all have the flavor of variants rather than solutions: after three months, Juve has yet to find a definitive face. Regardless of Danilo, even if losing him certainly doesn’t help.

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The Cuadrado solution, the three-man defense and the doubts: how much Danilo will be missing from Juve

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