Utah-Indiana ends in brawl: 4 expelled. Toronto witch Philadelphia

In Salt Lake City, a push from Turner to Gobert ignites a riot. The 76ers recover Curry and Harris but fall again with the Raptors

Philadelphia finally finds Harris and Curry but with Embiid still at the post he goes out against the Raptors. Indiana, on the other hand, moved to Salt Lake City at the end of an edgy match topped off with four red cards.

Philadelphia 76ers-Toronto Raptors 109-115

The 76ers (8-5) recover two important pawns like Curry and Harris but with a decidedly incomplete roster they are unable to keep up with the Raptors (7-6) and go out. While Ben Simmons’ agent, Rich Paul, points the finger at the offender club, in his opinion, of not wanting to collaborate to solve the mental health problems of his client, an accusation that the franchise sends back to the sender, on the parquet the 76ers are struggling to limit the attack of the Raptors, especially in the second half. Toronto accelerates in the opening of the fourth period and reaches the double-digit advantage, Philadelphia returns below and with the production of an excellent Maxey manages to catch up with the guests, overcoming them with Drummond’s basket at 1’44 ” from the siren, in the final however the triples of Trent Jr. and VanVleet allow Toronto to conquer success. Just VanVleet celebrates his heavy basket with 24 ” from the end with the so-called “marbles dance”, the gesture signed in the past by Sam Cassell and taken up by Marco Belinelli in race-7 of the Nets-Bulls challenge in 2013 (which cost blue $ 15,000) which will almost certainly relieve the Canadian player of a substantial amount, given that a fine seems inevitable.

Philadelphia: Maxey 33 (11/16, 1/3, 8/8 tl), Harris 19, Curry 15. Rimbalzi: Drummond 12. Assist: Harris 7.

Toronto:VanVleet 32 ​​(5/11, 6/11, 4/4 tl), Trent Jr., Anunoby 20. Rimbalzi: Barnes, Achiuwa 9. Assist: VanVleet 7.

Utah Jazz-Indiana Pacers 100-111

Performance of character for Indiana (5-8), a team that wants to try to get back on track after the difficult start to the season, who, dragged by Brogdon (30 points) and an excellent McConnell (21 points and five assists), knocks out the Jazz. For Utah it is the first home defeat of the season. Indiana wins despite Sabonis’ complicated attacking performance (2/10 on the field) and after a good first half manages well the Jazz’s comeback attempt in the second half. An edgy match becomes complicated for the referees to manage in the final. At 4’01 ” from the siren, in fact, a push from Turner to Gobert ignites a turmoil that the backhoe struggles to quell. The Frenchman responds by clinging to Indiana’s long, several players also intervene and in the end the referees decide to expel the two contenders, Turner and Gobert, as well as Ingles and Mitchell. The home team is no longer able to get close and raises the white flag when Duarte from long distance gives the Pacers +13 with 2’25 ” from the end.

Utah:Mitchell 26 (8/13, 3/7, 1/1 tl), Gobert 19, Clarkson 11. Assist: Conley 8. Rimbalzi: Gobert 11.

Indiana:Brogdon 30 (8/16, 2/7, 8/9 tl), McConnell 21, Martin 14. Rimbalzi: Turner 9. Assist: McConnell, Sabonis 5.

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Utah-Indiana ends in brawl: 4 expelled. Toronto witch Philadelphia

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